Winking at Women is Now a Form of Rape, Racism, Etc. Etc. in the New Régime By Mrs Vera West

     I recall reading somewhere that our kind of feminist, Camille Paglia, dismissed these kinds of things, like male advances, as something women  in the past could easily deal with, without Big Sister of the law squashing everything like a rampaging elephant. Now, even winking is open to legal punishment:

“A man is set to stand trial after he was accused of propositioning a woman by winking at her in a pub. Grzegorz Kwiecien is accused of repeatedly winking at the woman at Dexy’s Bar in Dundee, despite her continuously rebuking his advances. It is claimed that the 36-year-old also propositioned the woman and confronted her after he was asked to leave the premises. It is also alleged that he attempted to kiss another woman on the same evening at the pub. He is set to stand trial on May 9 after being bailed, with an intermediate date of April 16 having also been set, the Evening Telegraph reported. This comes after Scottish Labour demanded that the sentencing guidelines for sexual assault are changed, particularly for young people.”

     Ok, there was probably justification here, given everything else he did. Nevertheless, this has occurred in a society where thousands of children were groomed, tortured and raped, while police turned a blind eye because of political correctness:

     Perhaps a wee bit hypocritical. But the precedence is set, and next time, even looking at a woman, if you are white, will land you in hot water. Execution cannot be too far off.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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