Will Migrants Pay for the Boomers’ Pensions? By Richard miller

     Why is there such a concern here about the inevitability of ethno-racial and cultural change? Surely it is obvious that migrants are needed to work as IT experts and in the rocket industry to pay for the pensions and health care of the baby boomers?

“New unemployment figures show that the heavily migrant populated southern Swedish city of Malmö has an average unemployment rate twice that of the rest of the country. The unemployment rate across Sweden has seen an average decrease since the last Swedish national election in 2014, but Malmö has been the exception, Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan reports. The city’s rate of unemployment is said to top a staggering 14 percent, making the city on par with countries like Spain, which has a 16 percent unemployment rate, and behind Italy, which is at 11 percent. Josef Lannemyr, an analyst at the Swedish Employment Service, lamented that many of the jobs in the city required a post-secondary education and that the pool of talent for such jobs simply was not there.”

     No doubt this is only temporary because as the left continually tell us, migration cannot present any problem at all but cures everything. And, we believe them? Gratitude is surely overrated:



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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