Will Islam Conquer the World? Intelligence and IQ Makes No Difference By Brian Simpson

     A new book by the highly productive Edward Dutton, Why Islam Makes You Stupid ... but Also Means You’ll Conquer the World (2020), is actually a solid, implicit critique of IQ fetishism of sites like American Renaissance which has, in my opinion, an excessive, obsessive conception of the relevance of IQ, based upon contestable studies, as all of psychology is. Dutton takes a longer evolutionary view, which sees ethnocentrism and reproductive success as ultimately deciding the destiny of the world. A sister publication, Vdare.com, has a review, as we are all to poor to buy books here, we quote the essence:

“Though rigorous adherence to Islam suppresses intelligence, the advantages conferred by ethnocentrism and fertility are so great that, in the everlasting conflict between the Islam and formerly-Christian Europe, the former will triumph despite the intellectual and technological advantages of the latter. Dutton, in his usual resolute and confident style, packs his exploration of Islam with information and original insights to reveal how the religion affects the IQ not only of Muslims but also the Europeans whose lands Mohammed’s disciples are colonizing. Chapter 1 introduces modern research on intelligence in the context of human biodiversity and group selection: You pass on your genes by having children, by investing in your kind, or by investing in your group. Chapter 6 closes the book with Dutton’s reflections of Western man’s future in light of the general deterioration of Western civilizational strength, the declining average intelligence of Europeans, and the accelerating immigration into the European heartlands of aliens in general and Muslims in particular. But Dutton, originally educated as a theologian, is at his strongest in the middle when dealing with Islam’s stultifying effects on IQ—which will not, he predicts, thwart its triumph over the West. … In Chapter 2, Dutton summarizes the interplay between intelligence and religiosity. Overall, there exists a weak negative correlation between IQ and religiosity, and the harsher and more fundamentalist the creed, the lower the average IQ of its adepts. That might seem trivial, as professors of science or engineers are rarely ardent believers, but two existential threats arise from the association of IQ and religiousness and their effect on fertility. A positive correlation between religiousness and fertility is dysgenic in terms of IQ; i.e.,

•    more intelligent but less religious people have fewer children;
•    less intelligent and more religious people have more children.

Dutton describes at length the negative consequences for the economy and technological development of Islam. But the real import of that fact: More religious and less intelligent neighboring nations will achieve a demographic advantage over more intelligent states.”

     I agree that the West is in fact demographically doomed, in the longer term, and all civilisations collapse. Ironically, those who champion IQ and technological sophistication, who either have no children, putting egg-headed pursuits first, or have below the replacement level, will ultimately have their high IQ genes disappear from the world. How smart was that? Evolution and natural selection laughs, last.



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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