Why the Modern PC University is a Sick Joke on the Long-Suffering Taxpayers By James Reed

     It all started as an academic experiment; a group of perhaps the last free-thinking academics decided to submit a series of “fake” papers on politically correct “grievance studies” topics. One such paper was about how dogs in a park committed rape, of female dogs. This paper received a recognition of excellence by the feminist establishment for pushing the gender agenda to a place where it had not ben before. However, some journalists who still engaged in investigation, smelled something fishy, or is it “doggy,” and exposed the fake paper. Then, at least for the untenured philosopher on the team, Peter Boghossian, the system turned its attention to him, much like some obese man turns to swat an annoying biting insect:

“A Portland State University (PSU) professor who took part in an academic hoax to prove that academia turns a blind eye to reason when gender issues are involved is now facing disciplinary actions. PSU philosophy professor Peter Boghossian is being investigated by his employer for committing a “human subjects” ethics violation by contributing to the hoax, which itself was an academic study. Filmmaker Mike Nayna, who previously documented Boghossian and his associates’ attempts to call out so-called Grievance Studies for their lack of academic rigor, announced the professor was under fire Saturday night in a tweet. “Portland State University has determined that @peterboghossian committed a “human subjects” ethics violation for his involvement in the Grievance Studies probe. Further charges of falsifying data are currently under review,” Nayna wrote.

The video began with Boghossian saying he was called to meet with PSU’s Institutional Review Board chair, Jack Barbera, to discuss if protocols were followed prior to the professor’s publishing of the fake articles. This occurred on October 18, 2018. “I think that they will do everything and anything in their power to get me out of there,” Boghossian said in the video. “I think that this is the first shot at that.” “You don’t pull somebody in front of the IRB to slap their wrists,” Boghossian added. He also said one has to go through the IRB if they want to get a study published. Boghossian, along with researcher Helen Pluckrose and author James Lindsay, submitted 20 papers to journals over the course of the year. The subjects were designed to be absurd, yet seven were accepted (four of which were published online prior to the trio announcing the hoax), seven more were under review, and just six were rejected.”

     This looks bad for Boghossian, who clearly did violate the narrow ethics requirement of not publishing the equivalent of false news. The dog study was fake, but it served a higher purpose of exposing the nonsense that such journals publish, by the age-old rhetorical strategy of satire. However, academia is a  self-protecting system, and it becomes impossible to engage in this sort of parody and satire without the legal system being used against one. I imagine that the two other academics will soon come under attack as well.

     Hence, there is little that can be done to save free and rational debate in the modern university, and its rules and regulations only act to preserve its fundamental intellectual corruption. This has now been proven, so we need to go to the next level, and close down the universities. Instead, have institutions devoted to science and technology (STEM), adequately funded to yield research results for national development. End this insane international student teaching circus, something no dignified nation should be engaging in. The profits gained are only short-term and come at the opportunity cost of national development. Universities are simply branches of the immigration lobby at present. Close these totally evil institutions down!



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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