Why the Education System Destroys Creativity By James Reed

     The following  is a great discussion about the way schools kill creativity by Sir Ken Robinson:

     There is nothing spectacularly new here that the few remaining traditionalist teachers would not recognise, but the presentation is done in a most entertaining way. For example, he says that the way the education system is arranged, with its epistemological biases, indicates that the aim seems to be to produce university professors. He says that these people live in their heads and see their bodies merely as a form of transportation for their heads! They are alienated in a most fundamental way. Haven’t I been saying that for years? The short of the long is that the education system needs to serve human ecology, holistically educating children to allow natural creativity to flourish, be this in art, dance or mathematics. Yes, what a long way our schools have gone from this, having become politically correct indoctrination centres, and not even being at the base level criticised by Robinson.



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Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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