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Why Our Schools are in Chaos By James Reed

     Before leaving teaching I clearly saw why students were doing so poorly, especially boys; political correctness and the trendy progressive agenda by Left wing teachers were destroying our youth, particularly by the actions of feminist teachers.

     Now we again have the public angst of wearing the fact that the average Australian student is barely equal to the most disadvantaged of Singapore’s students: The Australia, September 27, 2017, p. 1. In other word’s our students are absolutely hopeless at the basics, maths, reading and science. And, the sacred economy is going to suffer. Yet the corrupt corporate class continues to support trendy progressive issues, even though the longer-term consequences will be contrary to their economic interests. Maybe the great deluded think that immigration will cure all, even apocalypses.

     Schools have engaged in highly destructive progressive, actually, repressive politically correct brainwashing for decades. This has dumbed down an entire culture, along with every other force working to destroy us. It will be a task of Hercules to fight back against this, but perhaps Asianisation is our only hope. Sack all of the largely White school teachers, because, after all, Whites have White privilege. Then replace them with teachers from Singapore and Asia.

     Long hard lessons in the basics, reading, mathematics and science. No more social science nonsense. Not only should this be eliminated from universities, being hopelessly corrupt, but we need to do the same to high schools. And soon.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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