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Why Feminists Love Islam and Hate the West: Against Jordan Peterson, in a Friendly Way By Mrs Vera West

     Here is Professor Jordan Peterson’s take on why feminists love Islam and hate the West:
The argument has been made previously by Matt Forney, and shock, horror, Andrew Anglin, that Islam for the feminists is a sh*t test for Western men. The radical Jihadist is the ultimate bad boy, who gets the girls “hot,” as the street talk goes. What does this say about such women, who get “hot” today, but punished for “zina” when the regime changes, tomorrow:

     I think that Peterson’s proposition is false, and  extremely superficial. Some dopey women out on the street with signs may feel this, as would those old predator women, who in Europe are supporting young Muslim men with resources for sex, but Peterson’s explanation fails in generality. Male homosexuals and heterosexual Left also support radical jihadists, as well as any cause which is contrary to traditionalism. A good scientific explanation seeks to integrate a wide range of phenomena and provide a unified explanation for them.

     The better explanation is that there is a generalised pathological hatred of the West, manifested in various ways by the Left, and Islamisation is just one form of this. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend” explanation, which Peterson tries to remember in his presentation, but forgets, and is told by a helpful clear-speaking female student, is more on track.

     Nevertheless, this “race suicide” hypothesis, and the sh*t test one, both presuppose that men become warriors again, shake off the chains of  political correctness and fight for their birth right, by all that their kin once held dear:

     “Stand, men of the West!” Getting to that point though, is the real problem, given that manhood is in hormonal and political free fall.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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