Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much? By Mrs Vera West

     I have often wondered why slices of A4 paper cut through my skin like a razor. That is one question. The next is why such cuts hurt so much? If you have wondered about this, wonder no more:

“Dr. Hayley Goldbach, a resident dermatologist at UCLA Health, shared that paper cuts seem more painful compared to other types of injuries because they mostly happen on your fingers. She added that while humans have nerve endings all over the body, areas with refined movement and sensation, such as your lips or the tips of your fingers, have a high density of nerve endings. These nerve endings (or nociceptors) send signals to your brain about various things that can cause a break in your skin, like extremely hot or cold temperatures or chemicals. Nociceptors are found throughout the body: in your bones, internal organs, joints, muscles, and skin. These pain receptors are crucial to how you feel and react to pain. A nociceptor’s major function is to respond to damage to the body by sending signals to your spinal cord and the brain. These complex pain signals send information about the location and intensity of the painful stimuli. This allows the human brain to fully process the pain then send communication back to block further pain signals. Why do paper cuts hurt so much? When you get a paper cut elsewhere on the body, like your back, it won’t hurt as much as a paper cut on a finger because the former has a lower density of nerve endings compared to the latter. Paper cuts also cause so much pain because you rely on your hands for various daily tasks. The constant pressure on the cut delays the healing process. The paper itself is one reason why these tiny cuts cause a lot of pain. Paper may seem smooth but if you look at it under a microscope, you will see it has jagged edges. The serrated edge of a single sheet of paper can slice your skin before you even realize it and leave a jagged cut. Since paper is made from cotton, wood pulp, and other fibers, inflammatory material can be left behind in the cut, which can make it hurt more.”

     The final question is: since the left wants to ban everything that can hurt us, will paper soon be on the banning list along with guns and White people? See, even a seemingly innocent health article can be given a political slant. Here is a fascinating study of the contemporary use of homeopathy across the world, primarily in the Third World, to deal with some challenging diseases, including leptospirosis, Japanese encephalitis, cholera, and dengue fever, to name but a few. When our orthodox medical system crashes in a few years’ time, perhaps the remnant will go back to this.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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