Why Charity Must Start at Home By Peter West

     The liberal bleeding hearts are all for helping the entire world through mass migration, typically because it is not their money paid out, or their jobs put on the line. But as a matter of logic, there is a philosophical problem created by this communist globalism, the Samaritan’s dilemma, noted by economist James M. Buchanan, “The Samaritan’s Dilemma.” in Edmund Prelim, ed., Altruism, Morality and Economic Theory (New York: Russell Sage, 1975), pp. 71-85.

“It comes from the Biblical parable in which the generous merchant helped the man beaten and lying on the road. He pays the medical bills and gets him back on his feet. Good man. But let’s imagine a part two. The word gets out. Next time the Samaritan travels the same road, there are three, four, and five people in need of money, medical attention, and a safe place to spend the night. He helps them. They multiply tenfold on the next trip. Pretty soon, the problem becomes obvious. In order to re-adjust incentives, the Samaritan has to say no. He has to withdraw the aid. To help, he needs to stop helping.”


     The Samaritan’s dilemma is a version of the tragedy of the commons, where unrelenting demand upon common resources lead to mutual misery to all.

     Here is a modern, politically correct job done on Garrett Hardin, one of humanities most gutsy thinkers:

     Liberalism now bleeds into science itself.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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