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Why Australians are Not Going to Own Their Own Homes By James Reed

     This is what happens when the sheeple just let things go. There has been plenty of opportunity to oppose the buys ups in the past, but as with immigration, it is just let go, out of apathy, self-consumption and sheepish incomprehension:

“The country is at risk of becoming the “24th province of China” as we fail to “stem the tide” of foreign investors, an expert has warned. Australia is selling off natural resources, farmland and property to China at a “crazy” rate — putting us at risk of becoming the “24th province” of the East Asian behemoth. That’s according to real estate expert Doug Driscoll, who warned of the urgent need to start a national conversation about foreign ownership of residential property in particular. While interest from overseas buyers has decreased in recent years, the Starr Partners chief executive said our overall rate of foreign ownership was still alarmingly high. And he said a report released last month by Chinese international property portal showed there was now an “insatiable appetite” for Australian property among Chinese buyers, with our softening housing market boosting interest.

In 2017, ANZ found foreign buyers owned up to 400,000 Australian homes. Today, Mr Driscoll estimated that figure would be “close to 500,000”. ANZ also estimated foreign investors bought between 30,000 and 50,000 new dwellings in 2015-16. At that rate, Mr Driscoll said it “won’t be too long” before a million homes were in foreign hands, with buyers from China and India the most common demographic. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to wonder what impact that could have on our economy,” he said. “We’re only a population of 25 million with 10 million dwellings, and if we’re not careful we could be overrun quite easily.”

     Watching this all unfold over many decades, I predict that the economic overrun point will occur very soon, probably in a few years, if it has not already occurred. Arguably, Australia has lost its political autonomy long ago. I am enormously disappointed that the Australian experiment has led to this. If we were going to surrender to China, then could we have at least kept some aspects of our identity? No, everything must go; our elites sold us out totally. But with it will go all of the politically correct nonsense as well, for the communist government will have none of that, and our old oppressive rulers will be replaced by new, as yet unpredictable ones. Always look on the bright side of life! 



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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