Who Can’t Wait for the Lesbian Batwoman? By Michael Ferguson

     Comics have now become an experimental ground for the latest in Social Justice Warrior politically correct ideology. It slowly began in the 1970s with Marvel under Stan Lee (Stanley Lieber) working in these themes, and DC to a lesser degree a bit later. Today even TV shows are getting the SJW serve, with Batwoman being a lesbian:

     Well, Australians, who in the majority voted for same sex marriage should not complain about this. It is just how things are now. Your children will still enjoy the program. Don’t worry; be happy. I, for one, want to see the media corporations take this to its logical conclusion. Have the big budget movies embrace all of this diversity; make The Avengers a gender/sex diverse group embracing a multitude of sexualities. Focus the entire movie upon this. Replace the white men, now playing Spider-man, Thor and Ironman, with the same diversity seen in the comics. It would be sure to be a money generator, and would demonstrate commitment to diversity.

     It is far better for children to skip the comic book phase and go to reading real literature. The world of super-powered freaks is probably psychologically unhealthy anyway, preventing the development of emotional maturity:

  Postscript: Did  I speak to soon? Has Supergirl already made the pc jump:



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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