White Suicide and National Suicide By Charles Taylor

     Could this and more, generally ethno-cultural implosion, have something to do with the rise in suicides, especially in the US? Are poor folk seeing, or intuitively sensing what lies down the track, and are checking out now? Can’t really blame them:

“Key findings
Data from the National Vital Statistics System, Mortality
•    For 2000–2016, the age-adjusted suicide rate increased 30%, from 10.4 to 13.5 per 100,000 population, increasing on average by about 1% per year from 2000 through 2006 and by 2% per year from 2006 through 2016.
•    For females aged 10–74, suicide rates in 2016 were higher than in 2000.
•    For males aged 15–74, suicide rates in 2016 were higher than in 2000.
•    In 2016, for females, suffocation accounted for a higher percentage of suicides among those under age 25, while poisoning accounted for a higher percentage among those aged 45 and over.
•    In 2016, firearms were the most common means of suicide among males aged 15 and over.
In 2016, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Although the Healthy People 2020 target is to reduce suicide rates to 10.2 per 100,000 by 2020, suicide rates have steadily increased in recent years This Data Brief uses the most recent data from the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) to update trends in suicide mortality from 2000 through 2016 and to describe differences by sex, age group, and means of suicide (e.g., suffocation, firearms, poisoning).”

     Now if one goes to Left sites we will be told that there is a disproportionate suicide of American indigenous people, which is quite true:

     In fact, the rise is seen in all races, but white middle aged Americans are the real victims here, and this has been so for some time:

“Last month, a reliable family guy with a big laugh became a news story when he didn’t show up for work. A week later, he was found dead of what authorities are confident was a suicide. It’s not uncommon. Like people I’ve known who have taken their lives, he was a hardworking middle-aged white guy with a solid track record — exactly the kind of American most likely to die by suicide. Each case is heartbreaking and haunting. I blame, in part, the American dream. Suicide is steadily increasing, from 10.4 deaths per 100,000 Americans in 2000 to 14 in 2017. Statistically, in an area roughly the size of metro Detroit, that means about 600 people killed themselves in 2017 — about 150 more than in 2000.

Tiny Michigan town copes with third teen suicide in 8 months
While research shows that the vast majority of suicides involve substance abuse and/or mental illness, diagnosed or not, it leaves me with a lot of questions:
• Why do white males, with all the advantages we are afforded in American society, account for 70 percent of suicides and kill ourselves at nearly twice the national rate? 
• Why is suicide suddenly rising among women 45-64 (though it remains three times higher, at 29.1 deaths per 100,000, for men of the same age)?
• Why is the rate highest in the Mountain West, a vacation haven and outdoor playground?

I'm not an expert. But I've known a handful of men over the years who took their own lives. I'm in the prime demographic myself. And I spent three years as an editor near Aspen, Colorado — as strange it may seem, an area plagued by suicide. For all the glamour and freedom of ski towns and the West in general, it was easy, up close, to see how broken dreams breed a sense of hopelessness. Roy Holloway, chaplain of the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, operates an emergency suicide hotline. He put it this way to National Geographic: “The (ski) season goes by and people think, ‘I didn’t meet the girl of my dreams. I got laid off. I don’t have any more money. I’m embarrassed, and I don’t want to tell my family that I didn’t succeed.’” In Aspen or Detroit or little red-state towns like the one in which I grew up, it’s about how we measure failure and what we decide to do about it. And that takes me back to my indictment of the American dream. The idea that this nation affords each of us the opportunity to be whatever we want comes true for many, but certainly not all. Unspoken is the converse implication — especially for white men, born with advantages conferred by race and gender: If you can’t make it, it’s your fault and you are a failure. Individuals can define success differently, but our upbringing and cultural norms teach us to keep score, and that we define winning in America in dollars and creature comforts.

If we are not born into money, it can be freeing and motivating to believe our lot is not cast, that America affords us the chance to attain meaningful employment and have enough money to live comfortably. That’s really my story. Public education lifted me from childhood poverty. I had good teachers, good parents and got a couple breaks, particularly being born a white male American. While I had to learn to act like I belonged at, say, college banquets with odd place settings and food dishes I couldn't pronounce, I never had to deal with racism or sexism. Today, I have love, rewarding work and a great deal of fun and fulfillment in my life. And still, at times, I feel inadequate, a condition that I know is wholly ordinary but can feel profoundly shameful when it is happening to you. I do not know all of the toxic expectations put on little girls or non-white Americans, but I know that little white boys learn that if they don’t succeed, it’s because they aren’t smart enough, savvy enough, determined enough or hard-working enough. This implicit message can be crushing if, as adults, we fall short of our expectations. I do not suggest that white men are oppressed or that America’s inexorably changing demographics are depriving us of success or anything else. I do think that fear of these changes is harming our politics and civility. And I think it’s past time that we look at the difficulty and myths of the American dream. That includes how much we value “rugged individualism” — advice I recently gave a college friend who's in a rough cancer fight about the value I found when I had cancer in letting people help rather than trying to be tough.”

     As this article, one of the few I could find notes, 70 percent of suicides are by white males, and this statistic is not publicised, only  stats like the indigenous rate. What the typical mainstream media coverage misses is that the death of whites is part of the general cultural wars, and that the death of other races is simply collateral damage that the Dark Lords of Mordor are willing to put up with as a minor inconvenience. The elites must laugh to think that the deplorables have not even got to first base, or even made it to the baseball park, in understanding how they are to be exterminated, and their gene pool completely dried out. The US Census data well shows the accelerating racial replacement in the US, to occur right throughout the West:

“White population of the U.S. shrinks for the second year in a row as Hispanic population booms by 1.2M and will soon become the largest group in Texas
•    U.S. white population decreased by 152,386 last year, Census data shows
•    Hispanic population grew by 1,164,289 and black population increased 321,955
•    Asians were the fastest growing racial group on a percentage basis, up 2.63%
•    In Texas, the Hispanic population grew nine times faster than white population
•    Hispanics will soon become largest group in the state and Democrats hope to turn it blue
•    The non-Hispanic white population of the U.S. has shrunk for the second year in a row, according to newly released Census data.
•    In the year through July 1, 2018, the white population decreased by 152,386, while the Hispanic population increased by 1,164,289 and the black population grew by 321,955, according to new population estimates released on Thursday by the Census Bureau.
•    Asians were the fastest growing racial group on a percentage basis, shooting up 2.63 percent for the year, or an absolute gain of 479,755.
•    The estimates in population growth, which are updated yearly, are a net figure that includes births, deaths and net migration. The Census does not distinguish how much of the growth is due to migration versus births.
•    The prior year through July 2017 was the first time that the nation's white population shrank, a trend that is expected to continue as white birth rates lag behind deaths.
•    The data shows that the nation's white population is aging rapidly, and that white Americans continue to delay starting a family.
•    'The nation is aging — more than 4 out of every 5 counties were older in 2018 than in 2010. This aging is driven in large part by baby boomers crossing over the 65-year-old mark. Now, half of the U.S. population is over the age of 38.2,' said Luke Rogers, the chief of the Population Estimates Branch at the Census Bureau.
•    'Along with this general aging trend, we also see variation among race and ethnicity groups both in growth patterns and aging.'
•    At the state level, North Dakota was the only state to see a decline in its median age, from 37.0 years in 2010 to 35.2 in 2018.
•    In Texas, a key Republican stronghold that Democrats hope will shift to their column through demographic changes, the Hispanic population grew nine times faster than the white population last year.”

     The same story can be told for the entire West, and former white world:

“When a mixed-race, cultureless, low-IQ, and aimless population inhabits those lands, the Leftists think, they will finally have obliterated all those judgy standards and will have permanent power. Of course, it will be a third world wasteland, but their thinking does not extend that far. They justify this by using the postwar population slump, accelerated by how ugly our societies have become with the introduction of Leftist programs, to claim that we need more people, specifically from the third world which as has been the case since the dawn of time has too many. Leftism, like a parasitic predator, paralyzes its victim with an injection of some chemical to disable higher brain function — in our case, the altruistic universal “equality” that no one can object to without sounding like a meaning — and then begins to slowly digest its prey, bringing it closer to death so that eventually, it embraces death as better than life. When the Leftists gained power in the 1930s, being driven by a neurosis which demands that they acquire power and rule in perpetuity, they immediately made changes that wrecked society. Entitlements and civil rights made people into mindless, miserable brats.

The unions poisoned the workplace, and then the egalitarian rules for the inclusion of the marginalized did the rest. Costs went up, wages stagnated, and cities grew ugly and violent. People stopped having big families and many gave up on family entirely. Leftists, who are pathologically driven by a simple thought which has cordycepted their minds, promptly used that as an excuse to demand replacement migration or demographic replacement, depending on what you call it: United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration. Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates. This policy seems totally insane unless you assume that all people are equal and therefore someone from a foreign land is just as desirable of a citizen as someone with ethnic heritage continuity to the founders of a place.

In the organic view, of course, when you replace Russians with a mixed-race group, they are no longer Russians and Russia no longer exists. Instead, you have another hotel nation created for people to attend, work, pay taxes, and shop. This benefits government. Leftists also benefit because they win, symbolically, even if in the process they destroy themselves. Technically, if you start a nuclear war and one of your guys survives while none from the other side do, you have “won.” This is the type of “victory” diversity brings. For the Left, however, the goal is to seize power; their unstated objective is to have enough people who will always vote Leftist, and minority groups always do. This method has been known to us for over 2,000 years as a way for tyrants to seize power by controlling the population. Diversity creates social distrust and makes people afraid to interact. This not only makes them more dependent on government, but makes them less active in socializing, so that soon only ideology remains. Government and Leftism get more powerful. In America, we can see how viciously the Left advanced demographic replacement through their political maneuvering:

“It’s called demographic change,” Macgregor said, “and right now the largest ethnic minority in California is largely Mexican and Hispanic. …The Latinos — the Mexicans — are the base of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has decided they are the future for the left in the United States. The more of these people that can be brought in illegally as well as legally, the better it is for the Democratic Party because their goal is to transform the United States into a facsimile of California.” Indeed, Democrats have been weaponizing immigration for years in search of that “permanent democratic majority” they keep going on about, and their efforts are clearly bearing fruit: “But the nation’s transformation is remaking the national electoral map as well,” wrote Forbes contributor Pete Saunders in 2016. “It’s been well noted that states like Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina, strongly conservative and Republican for decades, have become battleground states in part because of the surging numbers of minority voters in the last couple of decades.” In an article titled, “Demography Favors the Democrats,” CityLab’s Tanvi Misra broke down how America’s “increasingly diverse electorate” is flipping an electoral switch for Democrats that will be difficult if not impossible to flip back. Sure, Trump managed to win the Rust Belt thanks in no small part to older disaffected white voters, but each passing cycle only works in Democrats’ favor. Conservatives have a term for this: Californication. Once upon a time, California was a strong conservative state, but then sometime after third world immigration became normal, it went so far Left that now conservative candidates are not even relevant.

This sets up a pattern that we also see emerging in Texas: the cities go blue, while the surrounding areas get more red. When you interact with diverse people on a daily basis, you feel a strong presence of guilt through their need to be accepted, and therefore, people tend to roll over and support more Leftist ideas. That, and being demographically displaced, explains why their cities go blue. Texas has just become a minority-majority state which means that it will shift toward the Left: The gap between Texas’ Hispanic and white populations continued to narrow last year when the state gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident. With Hispanics expected to become the largest population group in Texas as soon as 2022, new population estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau showed the Hispanic population climbed to nearly 11.4 million — an annual gain of 214,736 through July 2018 and an increase of 1.9 million since 2010. This means that there are only 540,000 more white people than Hispanics in Texas, with Asian and black populations rising quickly also. We will likely see this gap closed this year as more pour over the borders and overstay visas, dependent on Leftists to give them amnesty. At that point, Republicans and conservatives become merely a conquered people because the election will always go Leftward.

For some reason, the Right slept through all of these changes, perhaps because William F. Buckley’s American New Right endorsed libertarianism instead of challenging the Left on demographic replacement. This created a compliant Republican group content to play the wounded victim, in the hopes that Leftists would grant us victim status as they had done to sexual and ethnic minorities, which meant that we fought a perpetual rear-guard action as the Left took over: Most Americans demurred, but kept silent given the barrage of “racist,” “xenophobe,” and “nativist” cries that met any measured objection. Not so much now. Few any longer claim that the southern border is not being overrun, much less that allowing a non-diverse million illegal aliens in six months to flood into the United States without audit is proof that “diversity is our strength.” The Republican Party’s prior role was to slow down the inevitable trajectory to European socialism, the end of American exceptionalism, and homogenized globalized culture. Losing nobly in national elections was one way of keeping one’s dignity, weepy wounded-fawn style, while the progressive historical arc kept bending to our collective future. Rolling one’s eyes on Sunday talk shows as a progressive outlined the next unhinged agenda was proof of tough resistance. Like it or not, now lines are drawn. Trump so unhinged the Left that it finally tore off its occasional veneer of moderation, and showed us what progressives had in store for America. This demographic replacement fit solidly within the Marxist agenda but even more, guaranteed eventual total victory. The Left will not have long to enjoy their victory because, as in the French and Russian revolutions, their new government will quickly impoverish everyone. At that point, they have no choice but to embark upon a big enough war to keep the population together. We will then act out WW1/2 — now combined with Korea/Vietnam — as a means of keeping ourselves together, despite having no actual unity. This means that, by one method or another, democracy will vanish. It will either abolish itself in order to fight this war, be conquered in this war, or get dropped in panic by the population once they see how it has steered us into a suicidal final conflict and end-stage third world status.”

     The white boomers in the Dumocrats hope to use the migrant influx to secure their power. But, what is “their”? Soon they too will be replaced, and the Democrats replaced by a new Aztlan Party that will rule America, transforming the country into greater South America, no doubt for the better. It will be poetic justice at least to see the white boomers sink into the sludge of history as we go down. Some consultation. Really, all of the toil, the hard work to create a country for future generations, the wars fought for so-called freedoms, all of this, what was it for? In the end it doesn’t even matter. So, if anything, instead of US white people killing themselves they should, fully within the bounds of the law, become social security burdens upon the US state, doing their bit to bring the US system down quicker, and as far as possible, enjoying the decline:



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