White Racial Dispossession: Planned from the Beginning By Chris Knight (Florida)

     The UN pushed on the policy of “non-discrimination” in the 1960s, it all coming together around 1965. The White Australia Policy look slightly longer to be murdered, but I have seen one MSM paper, dated 1945, when our boys were dying in the jungles of Asia, saying that the war indicates that the White Australia Policy will have to go, as if it caused the war. Ultimately all the politicians, Labor and Liberal, supported the abolition, or worked to undermine it.  The link below is the official narrative, but once you read the American story below, you will be able to deconstruct its globalist Left narrative:

     Here is what they did to America:

“The Hart-Celler Immigration Amendments Act of 1965, enacted 55 years ago this week, struck down the race- and nationality-based quota law. When Lyndon B. Johnson signed the law, he modestly stated, “(T)his bill that we will sign today is not a revolutionary bill.” Yet, the nation’s foreign-born population rose from 9.6 million in 1965 to a record 44.8 million in 2018. According to the Pew Research Center, new immigrants, their children, and their grandchildren accounted for 55 percent of U.S. population growth from 1965 to 2015. The post-1965 act immigrants were much more diverse racially because immigrants arriving from Africa and Asia increased both in percentages and numbers. Immigrant admissions from the Americas increased in sheer numbers after 1965, particularly the Caribbean and Central America. In the years that followed, LBJ and the congressional sponsors of the legislation have been roundly criticized for understating how the repeal of the national origin quotas law would alter the racial and ethnic composition of the United States. The bill’s supporters were not unimaginative or misguided. Rather, they minimized the bill because it did not accomplish all that they originally set out to do, particularly in the areas of high-skilled immigration and refugee admissions. The supporters, of course, knew it would create a more diverse flow of immigrants; ending racial discrimination that favored immigrants from Northern and Western Europe was the objective.

The supporters of the legislation also knew it would increase future flows, but they estimated that the increases would be modest — about 60,000 to 65,000 annually. Their calculations were based upon prior levels and existing backlogs. It was a “straight line” view of immigration that did not take into account other factors that might accelerate the flow, or other provisions in the legislation that might potentially alter future flows. This simplistic approach led to projections that overstated flows from some parts of the world and understated flows from other parts of the world. The legislation that became law on Oct. 3, 1965, was much more modest than earlier proposals.  The law did not include the original emphasis on high-skilled immigration, nor did it provide for a system of refugee admissions. Advocates for immigration reform had to accept compromises in order to end the national origins system. It would be another 15 years before Congress passed the Refugee Act and 25 years before Congress expanded high-skilled immigration.”    

     In short, while the date varies, in perhaps 10 or so years, America becomes majority non-White, and a Democrat dictatorship of Leftist policies. America collapses, if it does not after the 2020 election, through civil war, one of the products of this cultural war. Even blind Freddy could have seen that this was the goal back then, but conservatives were too dumb/cowardly to see and fight it, their weakness on race being a fatal flaw. It still is with many still not seeing it, or not wanting to see it. How easy it is for conservatives to ignore inconvenient truths! Other examples could be given, by the bucket full.

     The endgame of the liberal philosophy of non-discrimination is exactly the opposite, discrimination against Whites, as the policy immediately was highjacked and linked to the Great Replacement, and every other commo ideology from the insane 1960s. Thus, the White Australia Policy was soon replaced by multiculturalism, and then the Asianisation of Australia, which is nothing more than a Yellow Australia Policy, or non-White Australia Policy, certainly not something colour-blind. Now the elites on the universities push the final agenda, of being part of China, the new super-power. In the past, no Asian country saw it necessary to change its racial profile and culture for trade, even when defeated in war, so that is the give-away. Thus, how could it be otherwise when the entire narrative is about replacing the old Anglo world, with the Asian one, as numerous academic stated in their articles and books; evidence fills many essays, but these are excellent summaries that I read when I was in Australia:

     Of course, it was not all done overnight, as McCormack and Allan James painstakingly document, but by the typical Fabian socialist strategy of gradualism, just as they did here in America. Sounds like anti-White Leftist racism to me. Does anyone care? Certainly not the UN, who never stop wanting more of the same, until we are no more.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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