White Privilege Update By Tom North

     If you were doing an Arts/social science course at one of our cultural Marxist Australian universities, I think it would be that part of the day, where you put on sack cloth and ashes, feel very guilty and check your white privilege:

     Oh, that was “their” ABC pumpimping (a new word I invented) out propaganda for children on white privilege. Ok, Leftoid. Let’s close down the ABC, sell of all of its equipment and give the money to the poorest people in the world. Then we start on the university academics, call them out, sell off their goodies, and channel their salary and super in the same direction. Would they still be squawking? Bring on the zombie apocalypse, anything to just end this!! Wait… we still have Mark Dice on YouTube so all hope is not lost. Just hearing his Christian guy smash the loopy liberals helps my psycho-political neurosis.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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