White People, Get Down on Bended Knee and Crawl, Begging for Mercy and Racial Forgiveness By James Reed

     White, and now often ethnic, academics on US campuses are into the white guilt trip full power, as they fall over themselves grovelling about white privilege:

“If you’re a white person living in the U.S., then you had better check your privilege – otherwise, the president of Seattle University in Washington may not like you very much. In an incredibly divisive and ludicrous opinion piece titled, “White Privilege Diminishes Our Humanity: 10 Commitments for Meaningful Change,” Seattle University president Stephen V. Sundborg urged not only white students attending the school, but all white people in the country, to acknowledge their “privilege.” In order to make this argument, Sundborg, who is a Jesuit Priest, uses the typical unsubstantiated talking points we hear all the time from the Left: “More than half of all Americans who apply for jobs get them not only because of their qualifications but also because of who they know and their networks,” he writes, adding, “Whites must go out of their way not just for non-discriminating hiring practices, but to be those persons in companies and part of that network that give blacks in practice equal access to jobs.” Sundborg goes on to say, “All whites must ask themselves, how many black friends do I have? How many times have I been in their homes, enjoyed and relaxed with their families and lives, included them in my life? Friendship is the most essential fulcrum for prying loose white privilege.”

     Did you like that one? Let us see if I can raise you one in this poker game:

“An Assistant Professor at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland, asked students to discuss how much “white privilege” they have as part of an in-class assignment. Professor Eun-Jeong Han of Salisbury University began her upper-level Communications course on Wednesday by displaying PowerPoint slides describing what it means to have white privilege. A student in the class took pictures to document portions of the presentation.”

     Once more the universities are preparing the young for the next stage in the white genocide program. Talk of white privilege by elites is just hypocritical, inconsistent bs that should be called out. It is the ideology of a cultural war, to date, a very one-sided war. That may change in the future given a good economic collapse or two.



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Sunday, 20 September 2020
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