White Pathology: The Suicidal Gene Hypothesis By Brian Simpson

     The issue of “white pathology,” has been discussed extensively at various sites, most notably the Occidental Observer.net:

     The basic idea here is that primarily Northern Europeans, and mainly the educated classes, act as if they are like insects that are manipulated by “zombie parasites,” who cause them to act contrary to group interests and survival:

     What is the cause of this? Professor Kevin MacDonald, influenced by the self-flagellation and racial suicide of Sweden and Northern Europe, hypothesises that Northern Europeans, because of challenges made by the harsh climate, developed a strong individualism and low group-solidarity, and while that had an evolutionary advantage in the past, today, in contest with much more collectivistic, tribalist people, they are systematically picked off, ultimately to be demographically wiped out.

     While MacDonald is right about the limits of individualism, it is clear that this phenomenon has a high cultural component, even if there is a genetic basis, as there is to most forms of human behaviour, a product of gene/culture interaction. However, the high latitude hypothesis fails, because, other people at the same or higher latitudes did not develop the White disease of pathological altruism, such as the Inuits. Further, these people have a high degree of group solidarity. From an evolutionary perspective, contrary to MacDonald, we would expect the opposite from his hypothesis of individualism from the ice and snow dwellers, not individualism, but altruism. After all, the disease which is being investigated is pathological altruism, not pathological individualism.

     Further, White pathology was not observed in Nordics prior to the modern era, even in the ancient Greeks and Romans, until, perhaps, these civilisations were heading towards collapse.

     The MacDonald hypothesis also fails because the phenomenon of White pathology can be found in other Whites, but not all, and the same problems observed in Nordic Sweden and Germany are also to be found in Italy, which may face demographic annihilation even before those former nations:

     Many sites put all of the blame on various groups, and no doubt a case can be made in part for that, but there is still be a problem of explaining how such groups were able to get a toe-hold in the first place.

     The fault I think lies in both the genes and the environment. We all know well the environmental factors, but still behind all of it, there needs to be an ultimate explanation of why any of this is happening at all, and continues to completely insane levels.
How is it that people just let it all happen, generation after generation? The problem is not merely one of race, but is seen in economic reform, and the environment as well. It is not just a problem just for our side of politics, because even the Left have moaned about the lack of interest and apathy of people about the tyrannies of capitalism, and as much as we may hate the Left, sometimes they do score some points in pining the tail on corporate tyranny.

     I would propose that just as evolutionary theorists hypothesise that there are genes for God/religion:
 there may well be a series of dysfunctional genes for the present environment, producing the racially suicidal effects we see primarily in Whites, but this gene may to a limited degree also be in Asian populations. It is not correlated necessarily with life in the cold, but arose as a pathological mutation in the White populations. The gene was not selected against in past environments, as the environmental conditions did not involve multiculturalism/multiracialism, and so did not prevail. But, under present pathological conditions, the gene has spread. Environmental changes have made it such that those who pursue actions contrary to the interests of the White ethnoracial group are economically successful, and thus can breed, although reproduction rates are below replacement levels, for such liberals.

     The good news is that the race suicide gene is radiating its full potential now. But, it is only a successful phenotype in the present politically correct regime. Any number of events can end this social order, from economic collapse, to EMP events, to global nuclear war.

     We may postulate that there is a strong positive correlation between having the race suicide gene, and embracing liberalism and globalism, that these political ideologies have a genetic basis. Hence, under survival situations these people, who thrive in socialist societies, will die out when the bosom of mother communism is removed. After all, they are by definition, creations of the System, so if the System goes, so do they. A good example of this is radical feminism, where its hostility to biological reproduction leads to a decline over time in feminists. Without social reproduction, feminism dies out, and with it, the genes producing the pathology in the first place.

     Perhaps then, as Guillaume Faye proposes, the coming catastrophes are not to be feared, but welcomed as the inevitable end of the spiritually degenerative age of Kali Yuga:

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