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White Genocide, Anyone? By Tom North

     Just when you thought that the story about the British Muslim child rape gangs could not get more disgusting, along comes this:

     The female detective who tried to protect the young White girls from that “predominantly Asian paedophile ring,” was bullied by fellow police:

“She said: “I’ve never spoken publicly about my personal treatment because I never wanted to deflect from the fact the police had failed the child victims of Rochdale.  But in trying to expose criminal neglect by senior officers that for me was on a par with Hillsborough, I was threatened and bullied.”

Ms Oliver, was tasked with gaining the trust of vulnerable but hostile victims. However, when they began to identify Asian grooming gangs, she said the police cooled their interest in the investigation.

She said: “GMP had a specialist interview suite for vulnerable victims which was purpose built to be non-confrontational, it’s like a living room, laid back because you want your witnesses to feel at ease.

“Yet I remember one senior officer screaming down the phone at me telling me that I had to take vulnerable victims to a suspect interview suite where some of them had been taken previously when they were accused of something they hadn’t actually done.”

Ms Oliver claimed the harassment stepped up when she was off work with stress.

She said: “Two senior colleagues turned up at my house one day and demanded that I surrender the police phone I’d had for 15 years.
“The reason they gave was that they didn’t want the victims to call me and put me under more stress.
“It was complete nonsense, just another attempt to isolate me further and shut me up.”

     So, not only did the police let these crimes go until they were not able to turn a blind eye anymore, but they turned on a fellow police officer. Talk about white pathology.  For them, it was more important to protect the imagine of the multicult than to deal with people raping and torturing children. It defies comprehension that the hyper-pc multicult system has been left to get so bad.

     It is therefore not surprising that western Europeans are fleeing from Islam and moving to Hungary, where they feel safe:

     I want to go too!



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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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