When Technology Fails By John Steele

When Technology Fails (2008), is a great book by Matthew Stein, an engineer, who gives a comprehensive approach to self-reliance, probably more detailed and scholarly that competing books. I was reminded of this reading the latest from Mike Adams, who says that one needs to move to simplicity, away from complex centralised systems, which are all set to fail at some point:


“It’s now clear that a global collapse of human civilization is being deliberately engineered as part of a depopulation / genocide program against humanity. We’re now learning that the Texas blackouts were intentionally created by Biden’s DOE (Dept. of Energy), which forced coal power plants to limit their output to significantly less than 100% of their capacity. This was just a test run, of course, with a much bigger global collapse still coming.

The only way to survive the engineered “global reset” is to decouple from complex systems and supply lines and make your existence more local, more low-tech and more self-reliant.

That’s the topic of today’s important Situation Update podcast, which warns about the imminent financial collapse and what that means for the simultaneous loss of transactional capabilities across the entire economy.

The Texas blackouts were a picnic compared to what’s coming when they pull the plug on the global debt Ponzi scheme.”


Global collapse is coming:






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Monday, 17 January 2022