When it All Falls Apart By John Steele

     If I was more of an entrepreneur instead of an introspective survivalist, I would have had my own YouTube show dealing with survivalist topics from primitive survival right up to what concerns us now, system collapse, and its aftermath. Anyway, there is an enormous interest in primitive technologies, such as making one’s own stone and wood tools, building primitive shelters and the like, as discussed here:

     One of the gurus of this movement is Australia’s own John Plant (three cheers!), but there are plenty of US folk who have been working on this since the 1960s, in the “back to nature/land movement,” but no matter. Here are some informative videos on this response to a time of impending doom:

     It shows what can be done, with just the local environment, wood and rocks, let alone the residues from civilizational collapse. Also, the above video by a young Asian female psychologist is excellent at raising objections from a psychological perspective to the rat race and IT mind-control of modern society. She sees the rising popularity of survivalism as a response to this high-tech prison that has been created. I go further and believe that even this is based on an intuition that this world is unsustainable, and simply will not last. After all, all past civilisations have collapsed, so why should we be any different? Just ask Venezuela:



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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