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What is Auto-Racism? By James Reed

     The received view is that only whites are racist because of the culture of guilt as a weapon, blah, blah, Great Replacement etc. Ok, but there is a problem. What if there is discrimination within a racial group against its own members?

“A Chinese woman says a Sydney restaurant is discriminating against their own culture. Olivia Lu, a Glace Bay resident from China attending Cape Breton University, says Chinese students are being barred from entering the Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant in Sydney. “It’s discrimination, it’s ridiculous, it’s so rude,” said Lu. Lu said a couple days ago a group of her friends went to the restaurant, sat down and were asked to leave. “They told them they don’t accept Chinese students anymore,” she said. “They said they could call and place an order and call delivery man to pick it up.” Lu said a sign was posted on the door in Chinese which translated read: “Due to the recent outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan for the safety of everyone, our store does not accept Chinese students for the time being. If necessary, you can call for deliver. Sorry for the inconvenience, please forgive me.” After students began sharing photos of the sign on social media, there was an uproar from angry students. “Then the next day they put up a new sign saying they were closing the restaurant for a month,” Lu said. Although she hears the restaurant makes really good food, Lui said she will never go there again. “The thing is, they are all Chinese, even the staff that work there are Chinese,” she said, adding that this should never happen anywhere, but the restaurant is even doing it to their own people. Although some students did go home over the holiday break, the virus didn’t start until after that and the flights are shut down anyway, she said. Many Chinese students on Facebook sites were expressing anger over the restaurant’s decision, most feeling it was discrimination. There are also some posts defending the restaurant, saying obviously the owner is taking precautions.”

     Well, it must be because these people all live in racist, racist, Austrasia which is doubly racist having Australia Day.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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