Western Civilization and Progressive Hysteria By Peter Ewer

     We have heard it all before, so it is no surprise the read it again on “their’ ABC website from: “Dirk Moses is Professor of Modern History at the University of Sydney and senior editor of the Journal of Genocide Research.” Ok, we can guess  what is coming:

“Why would an otherwise level-headed commentator like Greg Sheridan commence his column in The Australian with the extraordinary statement that the ANU’s decision “is a pivotal moment in modern Australian history”? Do members of the right-wing commentariat think that Western countries are succumbing to a poisonous cocktail of multiculturalism, Muslim immigration, political correctness and cultural Marxism that dilutes the white population and brainwashes young people at school and university? It seems that, much like Steve Bannon, they do. We are on the precipice of disaster, they seem to believe. The sense of crisis and doom is unmistakable. But it is not new. A closer examination of the critics reveals a generation of Australian men who were politically socialized in the 1960s and 1970s when the clash between communism and the Roman Catholic Church split the labour movement. The new Democratic Labor Party formed a home for socially conservative Roman Catholics who became active against “the left” at Australian universities. I well remember the apocalyptic sensibility of National Civic Council operatives during the 1980s, locked in an imaginary cosmic battle against the forces of communist evil, although you could count the far-left adherents at the University of Queensland on one hand. For most of us, the threat to democratic institutions was the Bjelke-Petersen government, not a communism that had long been a spent force. In the end, most Queenslanders agreed.

Despite their current sense of gloomy defeat, these Cold Warriors were victorious. The Soviet Union collapsed, students largely abandoned socialism and capitalism triumphed - and how: turbo-charged by deregulation, it drove the globalization that has produced Australia’s prosperity to this day. Never before has the country been so wealthy; never has privatization been so hegemonic. Conservatives hold power at the federal level and in many states. Yet the beleaguered sensibility and the sinking feeling of defeat from their misspent youths endure. The current situation gives reasons. Conservatism in Australia is indeed in crisis. The reputation of its two constitutive institutions - the churches and the banks - have been greatly tarnished by royal commissions, just as another royal commission has failed to discredit the trade union movement. Climate science and the population’s growing environmental awareness have also pulled the rug from under yet another pillar of conservatism: extractive industries, especially coal mining, on which the country’s wealth depends.”

     Yes, let’s get rid of coal mining and see how long Australia can afford the luxury of universities at all!

     Nevertheless, in all fairness, there are from our perspective some good points to the Professor’s critique, for he is aware of the cancerous effects of globalism, and much of the conservative movement is so in love with capitalism and money, that they are either blind, or do not care about the suffering the little people experience through their grand economic adventures:

“What is more, the post-Cold War dream of globalized prosperity has turned into a nightmare for many people in both Western and non-Western countries. Corporations have relocated manufacturing to the Global South, leading to the deindustrialization of the Global North and production of angry voters susceptible to the scapegoating slogans of right-wing demagogues who blame migrants and refugees for their woes. Although employment opportunities in parts of the Global South have improved as a consequence, the low wages, poor working conditions and lax environmental regulation wreak their own forms of havoc. There is a price to driving down the costs of production. These “s***hole” countries, as Donald Trump calls them, produce the migrants that people like him want to keep out.”

     Perhaps the billions of migrants from the Third World could be hosted in the universities, and in the nice homes of university professors? What is the salary level today of an Australian professor - $ 175,857 to $ 188,025:

     Perhaps the very best thing about being a Western academic is that you are free to bite off the hand that feeds you, and swallow that whole too! Imagine doing the same thing in Leftist utopias such as China! It is a sucker’s game for sure keeping the intellectual racket of the universities going. Dismissing political correctness in the universities just is surreal; one needs only sit in on the typical Sociology or Cultural Studies class to see this. We report on this daily. Yet, high cost degrees and falling enrolments in the Arts is a welcome sign, as hopefully globalist economics, for all its other  evil, may do some good in  polishing off political correctness, which itself was only a product of the idle, evil,  Left in the universities.

     Oh, the original ABC article has been edited, as detailed here, which is the most sound refutation of its contents, for why not stick by one’s statements? I was going to say “guns,” but that is a Leftist “trigger” word. Oh no, a politically incorrect pun!

     One thing though; if the critics from the progressive Left really do believe that Western civilisation is so bad and has to go, what do they intend to replace it with, or are they willing to let natural selection work that out? You know, the way socialist “heroes” in the past have done (Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin etc.)  Is there any probability that Left “intelligentsia” will survive, since their existence depends upon institutions funded by the Western state, such as the ABC and universities?
Please explain.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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