Wearing the Chinese Space Station By James Reed

     Let’s suppose that I knew something about rockets, and built one, and in my folly fired it into the sky. Suppose too, that it was a powerful rocket, that went high up into the sky, and had a trajectory over a major capital city. Then the rocket crashes into the main shopping mall killing thousands. Do you think I would get the key to the city, or a prison cell? Then again, I am not China, and things are different when you are king of the castle.

     China’s space station is about to fall to earth. The scientist say that the probability of it hitting anybody is so small that we should not worry about it. Yes, but if it was Trump’s space junk, I suppose the probability would radically alter then. Anyway, if you find any space junk, apart from it being toxic and killing you, it is illegal to touch, being property of China, and apparently our authorities will throw you in gaol, for the Chinese.

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Friday, 28 February 2020
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