Viking Advice to Today’s Young Men By John Steele

     Have children; be honourable and of good name, and realise that life is a struggle. Not ground shaking news, but this guy is very relaxed, and the videos shot out in the woods have a rustic appeal. All of his gear, tent, stove, sleep system, fits into a back pack, which I admire very much; a quick getaway when bugging out. He has gone for lightness and mobility, for short stays, while the tent I live in is bulkier, designed for the long term. But, each his own. I feel almost like making an Australian version of this, featuring me ranting and raving, but I am too ugly for film, so my viewers, no matter how good my info, would be low. So, this done, I will have a good shot of whiskey, maybe another snooze, as life flows on by, here in my tent lost in the woods.

     And a bit of new axe fighting action, since we are in a Viking kind of mood today:



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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