Utterly Desperate South American Must be Given Jobs and Homes in Hollywood! By Charles Taylor

     The poor refugees that have approached our US border, only looking to enrich drab American culture, have had to resort to throwing rocks in response to the US government’s nervous gas attacks. What is this, Syria, Russia?

“On Sunday, hundreds of would-be illegal immigrants gathered at the U.S. border to make a massive contribution to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign. They chanted that they weren't bound by the idea of borders and laws ("We are not criminals! We are international workers!").  They hurled rocks at U.S. Border Patrol agents. They rushed the border itself, cutting holes in fencing and climbing walls. They forced authorities to use tear gas to protect themselves and turn back the mob. The San Ysidro Port of Entry was forced to close for more than five hours. In other words, they confirmed what President Trump has been saying for weeks about the caravan and what it represents. And, like clockwork, the president's progressive opponents have been answering his extreme rhetoric with their own.

The video of crowds of caravan participants pushing their way through border fencing or throwing rocks at uniformed Americans is disturbing.  Even more disturbing is the fact that the caravan's participants and organizers (like the subtly-named group "People Without Borders") have been telegraphing their plans for weeks. Weeks ago, while media outlets criticized President Trump over the caravan issue and insisting that it posed no threat, actual participants were looking into TV cameras and announcing their intention to cross the U.S. border — no matter what. And now they've tried to do just that. The situation is so bad that Mexico's interior department announced Sunday it will deport around 500 migrants because they ignored Mexican authorities and tried to cross the border "violently" and illegally." Does it now seem so ludicrous to put a few thousand American soldiers at that border?”

     No! No, mainstream news service, people without borders must be free to go wherever the wind blows them, wherever they want to go, to be … free … to work for the rich! We have to give up trying to stop them, and join them; because as a nation of immigrants, we are all migrants, and therefore entitled to do what these trial-blazers are doing. Perhaps China will be happy to let down its borders in the spirit of diversity and multi-multiculturalism production. Hollywood elites should try rushing the Chinese border, just to be sure that they got the globo memo. The beloved rulers therefore need to  pass new “money where your mouth is” laws. Those championing the migration invasion now need to pay for them, by surrendering their property to migrants. Hollywood needs to give movie roles to them all, the true superheroes of our time. All movie roles must be filled by a refugee, as must all jobs.

     How could a new class, who have benefitted from an oppressive patriarchal racist system for so long, object? Don’t they have a sense of guilt about their vast wealth which must be socialistically redistributed.

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Friday, 28 February 2020
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