University ThoughtLESS Police By James Reed

     Believe it or not, a “zealous form of cultural policing” is going on in the taxpayer funded universities: The Australian, November 30, 2017. You know, the Left activists, trigger warnings, anti-intellectualism, and all of the fetid trimmings. We hear about this at least once a week as something monstrous gets created in the swampland of the universities.
But, they could have got right down to it, and described the courses offered in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, which are no more than attacks on the West and White males.

     As I have said, taxpayers should not have to pay for their abuse, for digging their own graves. Join me in advocating the closing down of the universities: we have nothing to lose but our pains.
Who wants to join me in a protest outside a university next year? We will stand united, in our wheel chairs, with our walking frames and walking sticks, our banners proudly flowing in the breeze: when do we want it? Now! Close down the universities!  It would be racist not to! Yo, yo, yo, universities have got to go! Hey, hey hey, close them down today!!!



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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