Universities, Police and Freedom By James Reed

     This is a little story from America, the land of the free - HA! – which illustrates the lack of freedom of speech on campuses. Thus, a pretty right-wing girl, who champions gun rights, gets attacked by crazed left-wingers, while she is trying to give a talk. Examine this closely, because the same could happen here in Australia, only we don’t have gun rights, freedom of speech, or anything else much, in a moth-eaten country:

“Kent State “gun girl” Kaitlin Bennett was confronted by a mob of protesters during her visit to Ohio University on Monday. According to the university, “She drew a large crowd of people, many with opposing viewpoints, who also chose to exercise their first amendment rights.” According to a report by USA Today, conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett was mobbed by a group of students during a visit this week to Ohio Univerity. Bennett is perhaps best known for posing with a gun for graduation photos in 2018. Since then, Bennett has traveled to campuses around the country to discuss hot-button issues with progressive college students. Bennett posted a video of her encounter with the Ohio University mob to her Twitter account on Monday. In the video, hundreds of students circle around Bennett as she tries to make her way through campus in a car driven by a black student. At one point, the video shows a member of the mob splashing the vehicle’s occupants with liquid. At one point during her visit, Bennett announced that she would encourage President Trump to strip federal funding from universities that don’t protect students from outrage mobs. “This is what happens when a Trump supporter goes to a college campus,” Bennett said during the video. “I think @realDonaldTrump should strip funding from universities like this that harbor terrorists.”

     She was assaulted while police stood by and watched, letting it all happen. It would be nice to think that federal funding could be stripped from universities who failed to protect free speech, but in Australia, as I have shown in previous articles, the universities are closely tied up with the big business immigration networks, so the government, in the pocket of big business will never move on them.



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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