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Uncle Len’s Amazing UFO Encounter By “Out of this World,” Len

     Imagine my surprise to read about a UFO battle about 40 years ago, high above the streets of little old Adelaide, a city otherwise known for Satanic murders and other creepy stuff:

“Twin brothers have stood by their claims they witnessed two UFOs battling in the clear night sky over the Australian Outback nearly 40 years ago. Rob and Phil Tindale were just 10 years old when they say they saw two objects hovering in the skies outside their home in Stirling, Adelaide Hills in February 1980. A distinct 'bright yellow object' was spotted, which hovered about 50 metres above ground level, before a second one appeared, emitting 'a red light', they said. The red object attempted to charge at the yellow UFO several times, before the 'blow flies on steroids' zoomed across the sky with 'extreme speed'. The yellow UFO made an 'emergency crash landing' into a tree, while the red object appeared to disappeared into the distance in a bizarre 15 minute account. The brothers rushed to wake their parents in their room, who gave a lacklustre response and simply told the boys to go back to bed. But Phil and Rob's grandmother the next day cut out an article in the local paper about a UFO crash in Stirling on the same night. The story titled 'Aussie Sure UFO Damaged Trees' was reported by Daryl Browne, who heard a tree 'creaking and groaning'. He walked towards the noise and shone his torch on an eight metre yellow craft likened to a speedboat, wedged between broken branches. Mr Browne called authorities but the yellow object managed to take flight before he  and detectives arrived at the scene. No traces of the UFO were left behind and the only evidence of the object could be seen through the damages inflicted on the trees.”

     For a start, Stirling Adelaide, is not the “outback,” but rather is a hills suburb, with a population of almost 3,000 people. Did anyone else in Stirling see this, if two kids did? Did Adelaide airport pick up the crafts on radar? What about the military base at Edinburgh?

    One would have thought that a space cart capable of surviving the depths of space would have survived a crash into a tree, but, hey, the trees in Stirling are truly of sterling strength and known throughout the cosmos as wreckers of fighting space carts and crafts. Let us not think too scientifically about this great story, but “believe,” because the “truth is out there,” somewhere. I too often see UFOs, bright objects in the sky, especially after taking my meds, then consuming copious quantities of cheap alcohol, which should never be mixed with meds. But, it is just my way of obtaining inner truth and knowledge about the nature of the universe.
I think. Wait … something just landed on the top of my shed. (To be continued, hopefully.)



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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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