Uncle Len Embraces His Inner Diversity By Uncle Len, Hidden Master of the Multicult

     Sunday was some sort of multicultural diversity day in the mall, with people from all races doing wonderful colourful things.  How drab Anglo-Saxon culture is/was, and how wonderful that migration has finally brought civilisation to this land, which did not exist before 1946.  Oh, it did exist before British colonisation, which was truly evil, bringing white privilege to this land, which migrants helped overcome because they are fantastic.  Not like my kind. 

     The good thing though is that highly educated university types are exposing White privilege, such as seen in the creation of mathematics, whatever that is:

     So, for true multicult equity, hopefully we will get rid of all those racist numbers, and some gentle liberals say other belief systems:

     Don’t be sad about the inevitable loss of everything; it is all for the higher good of globalism.  For example, we are soon going to get the TPP 2.0, without the United States, which will make national income 0.5 percent higher, which is a small price to pay for the surrender of national sovereignty and freedom to the global corporate elite:

     Don’t worry about it; the globalist must win because they wear colourful costumes and dance wonderfully, while we just sleep, and react, slowly.

     But, today there is vibrancy, excitement, sheer joy.  Why, people in colourful costumes did dances to the god of globalist consumer culture.  I even danced along myself, until the authorities gave me a caution, feeling that I may damage consumer sales, being, after all, a living symbol of dispossession.

     I wonder though where all of this diversity comes from?  Do each of these magical lands need diversity too, from immigration?  Surely they do. That would help them preserve their culture, as well as help billions of Africans in the future:

     Four billion people, most wanting to migrate!  That is fantastic news!  If only it was four trillion, or four zillion!  Then there really would be economic growth and cheap housing, especially if all these people moved to one city, or even one street, or even, how about one house!  My pet cockroach suggested that I write “one room,” but that is a bit silly because there needs to be some space between stacked up people to allow them to wriggle their toes.

     More, is never enough. An infinite number of infinite universes, all teeming with migrants, migrating at the speed of light, would never be enough for the immigration lobby.



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Saturday, 12 June 2021
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