UK Police Ignore Child Brides By Richard Miller

     When the job of the police is to control the thought of White people, it is only natural that what were once normal police duties must be jettisoned. Thus, the UK police, who devote most of their energies into dealing with White thought crimes, must let issues like the mass rapes of White British children, and child brides go, which naturally they would due to “racism” and other magic politically correct concepts:

“Police forces have been accused of failing thousands of victims of forced marriages by charging a suspect in only one in 38 cases. Officials at the Home Office received more than 3,800 reports of forced marriages or victims being at risk of forced marriage in the past three years. Hundreds of the victims are children, with the youngest only four years old. However, The Times surveyed police forces and found that fewer than 80 suspects had been charged in this time. It became illegal to force someone to marry in 2014 but only three cases have resulted in convictions. Yesterday the police watchdog said that it would act to ensure that forces improved their performance and that victims were adequately protected."

    This is part of the pattern of the radical transformation of the rule of law, in accordance to anarcho-tyranny: to go super-hard on the traditional population, but turn a blind eye to anything the demographic replacement population does. That would not make me much of a fan of the State. Where might this lead? Some ideas, not necessarily endorsed by us: 



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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