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Trump the Traitor: They have the Political system All Sown Up By Chris Knight

     Trump wants to flood America with foreign workers. However, this time round it will be poaching upper strata jobs, so that university educated Americans will be tossed on the trash pile, with masses of student debt. It will produce a class of bitter, over-educated people, that may prove problematic for the system in the future.

     As for Trump’s record, he has achieved no American first issues; everything he has done would have been done by Obama if he could had served another term.

     Trump sat down with Laura Ingraham, of Fox News, who was one of the few, if not only, MSM person to raise the issue with Trump, that he ran on an American First platform, but is now basically another George Bush neo con globalist. He lost his egoistic calm for a moment, then recovered, and rattled on bout how the country needs migrants the usual neo con lies.

     It is wrong, no doubt to say that Trump is a traitor, since he was always with the globalists, and simply lied to become president. Even so, the one thing he has unintentionally achieved is a massive triggering of the genocidal liberals, and now the deplorables can see what they are up against.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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