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Trump the Democrat President By Charles Taylor

     Present American politics is fascinating because it exposes the deep underbelly of hyper-corruption that is the modern state. People, the ordinary sheeple, believe a stated reality, that all sheep are like them. But, many sheep are simply wolves, who circle round and periodically feed off of the masses. Thus, the narrative goes that Trump is some sort of nationalist, who is striving to control border invasions, and create jobs for Americans. But the reality is that he has done more for a foreign country than America, not to say that this is bad in itself, and that place is not Russia, as the progressives say.  Then he tweets about having the largest legal immigration intake of all time:

"We want to allow millions of people to come in . . . We have to have legal immigration, not illegal immigration." 1:03 AM - Aug 8, 2019

     That will create exactly the same problems as illegal immigration creates, if not more, displacing middle class American from jobs and replacing them by cheaper labour Indians and the like. Not smart to create the conditions for a revolution. Bad for global capitalism.

     Then Trump is meeting with big Tech, who should be his greatest enemies, to put in place more bans, under the illusion of controlling white nationalism, which just means controlling white people, since nothing is said about the nationalism of Blacks or anyone else. Meanwhile, Big Tech works to destroy Trump, and he just takes it, and if fact loves being beaten up by them, like a senile old masochist:

     Then Trump advocates red flag gun laws which even Obama did not produce, which would allow Leftist systems controllers e.g. psychologists, to classify anyone the Left did not like as a threat, and take away their guns. Since all whites have been defined as a threat, that means total disarming, and an elimination by the backdoor of the Second Amendment:

     There is little doubt that Trump is simply a plant for the globalists, that perhaps he was even during the election, where the elites felt that they needed to stack the decks. But, certainly, once in office he was told that Jared was the real leader, and he will do what he is told, make a few fierce Tweets to accelerate the Left, but as for border control and every other election promise, he has done exactly the opposite. Hence, the man is a traitor to his election promises, so badly that we need to call into question everything about him.

     The best thing for white American survival is for the Democrats to destroy him, and to accelerate things to breaking point; the quicker the better. America, and by implication the West cannot be saved in any sense now, and the Fall of Rome happens once more. This time though, the essential creative genes for civilizational rebuilding are under threat, so it may not be possible to rebuild our world, from the devastated state it is going to be left in, but we will see. It could have been otherwise, but humans cannot anticipate bleak futures, and work to prevent them. As. T. S.  Eliot (1888-1965) said in Four Quartets: “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”



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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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