Trump’s True Colours By Chris Knight

     We have been following the lessons of Trump, and thus focussing on America because it is an instructive lesson of what happens when an alleged patriot nationalist gets into the top position. We need to learn the wisdom of history, or burn in the flames of self-destruction. Trump fell over himself to promise that as president he would put America first and control immigration. But, he has done nothing, except promise Big Agri that they will get their cheap Latino labour to keep their profits up, rather than pay Black Americans a decent wage, giving them a job:

     There are theories that Trump, despite boasting about his high IQ on his TV show the apprentice, is actually a moron:

     One thing is for sure, he is definitely controlled opposition, and therefore useless. This is a hard lesson for traditional patriots to take, who hope to change things, if not “save” whatever, by putting in “THE man/woman.” Real change is only possible at the roots of the tree, not through the leaves.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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