Trump’s Emergency Declaration is Worse than Nothing, and Dooms America, Quicker By Chris Knight

     President Trump has signed a spending bill, well over a thousand pages of dense, near-incomprehensible legal googley dook, which  has the implications of making it illegal for a border security wall to be built, and that the declaration of an emergency cannot override this. Along with this are clauses that only a Leftist lawyer would write, such as the banning of the deportation of any illegals claiming to be the parent of an illegal child, and strict limits on the numbers of deportations. Here is the bill in all of its globalist  evil:

     My views are influenced by those of lawyer Ann Coulter, who says this:

Ann Coulter

This spending bill is so bad, it reads like a joke the Democrats wrote to humiliate Trump.

Drew McCoy

Trump is getting a worse deal than if he'd just signed the original CR before the shutdown.

The World's Greatest Negotiator, ladies and gentlemen.  …

Ann Coulter

GOP motto: NEXT TIME! We're selling out our constituents this time -- but we'll get to our promises NEXT TIME.

We thought Trump was different.”

     Coulter also said that “the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.” After all, no sooner had the orange-haired fool declared a national emergency did he say, he “didn’t need this,” giving the enemies just what they needed to defeat him. This can only be deliberate self-sabotage, traitorous, if his idiot was really an “American” president, because even an idiot would not shoot himself in the foot so blatantly. Yes, Trump is a low IQ idiot, but a useful one for the globalists. Trump  is merely one part in the nihilistic plan to finish of the West. Apart from defeating the even more appalling Hillary Clinton, he has merely given lip service to nationalist  concerns, and pressed ahead with exactly what the globalists want. At least Clinton would have got down and dirty, had a nuclear war with Russia and got all of the bs over in a day or two. We all could be radioactive by now, and not worrying about all of this. This article below shows that Trump’s so-called art of the deal and negotiation is so poor that he actually has gone for a worse deal than what the Democrats originally agreed to.

     What needs to be done, before the deplorables crawl back into their homes to sip tea and eat limp crumpets, is for someone like Ann Coulter to announce that she is running against Rump for president. Sure, it would divide the vote, but the aim is to reduce the division so that Trump is crushed. Ann would also tap into the women’s vote, and here Trump’s sexual exploits did not go well in the last election, and there was considerable hosing down just to hold him together. As for Trump and his family, at this point they deserve the fate that the Democrats have prepared for them; total destruction. Personally I never liked the guy, seeing him on his pathetic ego-tripping TV show, The Apprentice. He deserves jail just for that alone!


Here is that the bill does, a wish list for the globalists

“The process is indefensible: It is immoral, from any ideological perspective, to vote on a 1,169-page omnibus with new provisions on immigration amid a border crisis. We are already four and a half months into this fiscal year and have been operating on stopgap bills. There is no rush to vote on something like this, which will fund seven departments for the remainder of the year, within a few hours when we should have another stopgap bill while we debate, and even discover, the contents of this long-term bill that makes important statutory changes. The only reason one would pursue this process is to hide things from the American people.
Here are the immediate issues to flag:

1) Less of a wall than even what Democrats already agreed to: Trump originally demanded $25 billion for the wall. Then he negotiated himself down to $5.6 billion. Democrats balked and only agreed to $1.6 billion. This bill calls it a day at $1.375 billion, enough to construct 55 miles. But it’s worse than that. This bill limits the president’s ability to construct “barriers” to just the Rio Grande Valley sector and only bollard fencing, not concrete walls of any kind. There’s no ability to adapt. Furthermore, section 231 prohibits construction even within the RGV in five locations that are either federal or state lands. Remember, the challenge with building a wall in Texas is that, unlike in other states, the feds need to navigate issues with private lands. The first place you’d construct fencing is on public lands, which are now prohibited. The national parks along the border have gotten so bad that park rangers are scared to travel alone in them.

2) Liberal local officials have veto power over wall: Actually, on second thought, it’s likely that not a single mile of fence will be built. Section 232(a) of this bill states that “prior to use of any funds made available by this Act for the construction of physical barriers” the Department of Homeland Security “shall confer and seek to reach mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers within that city.” With whom must the feds consult? “The local elected officials.” Now you can understand the brilliance of limiting the wall to the Rio Grande Valley. These are the most liberal counties on the border (thanks to demographics of open borders itself!), and there is practically no local official who supports the wall in these counties. What are the consequences? This bill stipulates that “Such consultations shall continue until September 30, 2019 (or until agreement is reached, if earlier) and may be extended beyond that date by agreement of the parties, and no funds made available in this Act shall be used for such construction while consultations are continuing.” Thus, all the Beto O’Rourke type of politicians in that region have de facto veto power. There’s a reason why they didn’t authorize fencing in conservative counties like Cochise and Yuma in Arizona.

3) This bill contains a blatant amnesty for the worst cartel smugglers: Section 224(a) prohibits the deportation of anyone who is sponsoring an “unaccompanied” minor illegal alien – or who says they might sponsor a UAC, or lives in a household with a UAC, or a household that potentially might sponsor a UAC. It’s truly difficult to understate the betrayal behind this provision. One of the driving factors of the invasion is the misinterpretation of the UAC law. Under current law, Central American teenagers are only treated as refugees if they are A) a victim of “A severe form of trafficking” and B) have no relatives in the country. Yet almost all of them are self-trafficked by these very illegal relatives who are indeed present in the country. Rather than clamping down on this fleecing of the American people, the bill gives amnesty to the very people paying the cartels to invade us!

“We can call this the MS-13 Household Protection Act of 2019,” said Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. “We know that 80 percent of the UAC sponsors are in the country illegally. The number of people this would protect would reach into the hundreds of thousands, if all of the household or potential household members are counted. ICE has estimated that 30-40 percent of the MS-13 members it has arrested in the last two years arrived as UACs. There is no reason to shield any of these individuals from deportation. After all, if the minor is living with family, they should no longer be considered unaccompanied anyway. If there are illegal aliens here who do not yet have a child here to serve as a deportation shield, this certainly is an incentive for them to make the arrangements to bring one.”

4) More funding to manage and induce the invasion rather than to deter it: While offering no new funding for ICE deportation agents or immigration judges to speed up asylum claims, as the president requested, this bill adds another $40 million for the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which moves asylum seekers to facilities in the interior of the country, where they are usually released. Vaughan, who has studied interior immigration enforcement for decades, warned that “this bill will further expand and institutionalize the catch-and-release policies for those arriving illegally at the border from all over the world.”  What are the effects of the ATD program? “Most of these people have no intention of asking for asylum and know they don’t qualify for it, but are simply joining the illegal population, knowing it’s unlikely that they will be deported. The bill funds ‘case management’ staff to keep tabs on those who don’t abscond immediately, but no money for ICE officers to find and remove them. This is going to saddle the communities that have been forced to absorb these new arrivals with billions of dollars of future costs for schooling, health care, and other welfare services.”

At the same time, this bill reduces border detention beds from 49,060 to 40,520 rather than expanding them as Trump demanded. It contains no funding for more border agents. It offers $3.4 billion for refugee resettlement, more than last year’s record levels. Remember, much of the refugee program has been used not just for bringing in traditional refugees from overseas but to resettle the aforementioned Central American teenagers being self-trafficked through the border, empowering cartels, and taking advantage of us.

5) Doubling low-skilled workers: This bill (p. 1,161) doubles the number of H-2B non-agricultural, unskilled seasonal workers who will continue to be a public charge on America. This gives you a glimpse of what is driving this amnesty bill on the Republican side. This is just a cursory glance through the bill. Taken together, these provisions will aggravate the criminal conspiracy of the cartels and continue the invasion. Just this week, 1,800 family units came in during one 24-hour period, a new record. The message of this bill is to come here and seek bogus asylum or to grab a kid and you and others will get amnesty. Plus, there are no wall or policy changes to mitigate these effects. Moreover, this bill will likely override Trump’s executive powers because of the sneaky limitations on wall construction. This is the sort of omnibus bill that ensnared Reagan in Iran-Contra. Signing this bill will undermine his case for an emergency at the border both legally and politically.”




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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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