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Trump has Killed America By Charles Taylor

     Most traditionalist Americans voted for Trump realising it was the last chance to democratically solve the problem of America’s decline. Trump has been a spectacular failure, which is not surprising given his background as a 1 percenter. The future, as Ann Coulter says, is grim: 

“New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says the United States will, “in one generation,” become South Africa after President Trump signed off on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending bill that does not include a single provision from the president’s 70-point list of pro-American immigration reforms. In an interview with Fox News Radio’s Tom Shillue, Coulter slammed Trump, saying he has “betrayed” his base of supporters by signing the omnibus without it including any border wall funding, increasing the “Catch and Release” program, and not adding any new deportation agents to help deport illegal aliens living in the interior of the country. “I can’t imagine how it could be any worse,” Coulter said. “There’s zero funding for the wall, and in fact, he’s prevented from putting up even one little inch from those prototypes. No, all he can do is build a little pedestrian fence. Nothing that he’s been looking at. None of the prototypes, totally banned.”

     Trump will either be impeached or defeated in 2020, for the Deep State cannot allow even a symbolic token of resistance to remain. Coulter is wrong though, for America will fall much quicker than one generation, perhaps as little as 10 years. That will have a kick-on effect to all the West struggling with the same pathology. Australia too, is on the same trajectory of doom, for the collapse of America, also spells doom for the Australian state. We need to be working hard on “Plan B” style strategies to deal with this at the community level. It could mean that China surges ahead, but what is more likely given China’s massive debt, is that it goes the way of Japan and takes Australia down with it.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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