Trump Finally Attacks the Universities, The Source of Almost all Evil By James Reed

     As long-term readers would know, I have been championing a campaign the close down the universities for some years now. Sometimes it seems that someone is listening. Why, I even wrote to the White House to see if President Trump would do anything, such as cut funding to starve the cancer. I did not get a reply, but maybe someone in the office got the idea and passed it on:

“Upset that conservatives continue to be silenced, banned, and even attacked on America’s increasingly Left-wing college campuses, POTUS Donald Trump said on Saturday he’s prepared to fire a financial warning shot across their bows. Speaking to a packed, enthusiastic crowd at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, the president said he was preparing to sign an executive order denying federal funds to any college or university that did not protect all students’ First Amendment rights to free speech. “Today I am proud to announce that I will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars,” the president said after bringing Hayden Williams on stage with him, who was sucker punched by a Left-wing activist at the University of California-Berkeley last month. As reported by The National Sentinel, police at UC-Berkley arrested Zachary Greenberg, 28, about 1 p.m. Friday after a judge issued an arrest warrant for the February 19 attack on Williams, 26. Several videos of the attack show Greenberg verbally berating Williams before punching him in the face, then physically assaulting him.

Williams wasn’t a student at the university. He was there as a field representative for The Leadership Institute, a conservative organization that was on campus to recruit members. Reports said while staffing a table, he was approached by two men who, he said, were antagonistic towards him after reacting to his signs. “The recruitment table was knocked over and signs were ripped, according to a UC-Berkeley alert on its website, and one of the men reportedly punched Williams several times,” The National Sentinel reported. “If they want our dollars, and we give it to them by the billions, they’ve got to allow people like Hayden and many great young people, and old people, to speak,” the president said regarding colleges and universities. If they don’t comply, “it will be very costly,” he added. According to The Washington Post, the federal government distributes big money each year to universities for research — around $26 billion, according to figures from the National Science Foundation (Reuters reports that more than $30 billion is disbursed annually). Most of the funding goes to research projects for the Defense Department, NASA, and the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, and Health and Human Services.

Legally, the president appears to be on solid ground, according to experts who spoke to the Post. “There’s a history of the federal government requiring universities to do certain kinds of things in order to receive federal research funding,” Cynthia Miller-Idriss, a professor of education at American University, told the paper. Regular Trump critics, however, claimed that his order would fundamentally harm the First Amendment, the Post claimed, though he would be issuing it specifically so that all students could speak without fear of retribution or being silenced.”

     Of course, the evil, corrupt universities will not allow free speech, being populated by insane socialists who simply want to kill people like us. Thus, when faced with cancer, try and starve it. Cut the funds and put them to building a wall. What has Trump to lose now anyway? Time for a scorched US political elite policy. Do as much damage as you can Donny in the little time you have left. Speaking of money to build walls, I noticed that various agencies in the US have massive stockpiles of guns and ammunition, such as the tax office. Australia’s ATO has none as far as I could work out. Why do such organisations need that firepower, especially where states are working to disarm ordinary folk?

“As Conservative Review reports, the IRS itself has 15 “submachine guns” and some 5 million rounds of ammunition on hand, but the tax collection agency is far from the only one belonging to the federal government that is becoming more heavily armed. Citing a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published in December, CR notes that several federal agencies are amassing weapons and ammunition at a rate that is frankly alarming: The IRS currently has 4,461 guns, including 621 shotguns, 539 rifles, and those 15 submachine guns. The Department of Health and Human Services has over one million rounds of ammunition stockpiled for use. The VA doesn’t just have red tape and long waiting times, it turns out. The agency also purchased almost 3,000 rounds for each of its almost 4,000 police officers between 2010 and 2017. The agency also has camouflage uniforms, riot gear, and “tactical lighting.”

Other agencies are also arming up. The GAO found that the 20 agencies surveyed for the above timeframe collectively spent “at least $1.5 billion in total” on ammo, firearms, and tactical gear. (Related: FDA goes paramilitary, now revealed to own 390 pistols, 122 shotguns and 200,000 rounds of ammunition… while pushing toxic vaccines and deadly chemotherapy on children.) As the date range suggests, most of the purchases were made during the Obama years. In fact, as Natural News reported in May 2014, the Department of Agriculture even put in a request for “submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W” with “Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear)” along with a “collapsing” or “folding” stock. That’s serious firepower for a farm agency. Obama loved his agencies well-armed. The buildup during the Obama years was so stark and so significant that even Left-wing publications normally allied with the Democratic president began to question it. That included Mother Jones, which published a story regarding the weapons and ammunition purchases titled, “How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter.”

“From the workplace to our private lives, American society is starting to resemble a police state,” the story began. According to the GAO report:
— The IRS has not spent any money on buying new firearms and gear since 2014, but ammunition purchases were steady until 2017;
— The EPA’s purchases of guns, gear, and other equipment for its agents were highest in 2013, 2014, and 2016, but amounted to very little in 2017;
— VA police purchases spiked in 2011 and 2017, but were steady throughout the duration of the Obama administration;
— Health and Human Services (HHS) bought firearms and ammunition for two of its departments: the National Institutes of Health, which saw a spike in those buys in 2017, and the Office of Inspector General, which bought most of its recently-purchased firearms between 2010 and 2017 (Obama-era budgets).

The GAO also noted the reason why each of these agencies was purchasing guns, ammo, and gear, although some of that information was classified as “sensitive” by HHS, the IRS, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and thus was stricken from the original version of the report. According to the report, each of these agencies has its own law enforcement division, so that was the most common reason listed for the purchases. But millions of Americans aren’t going to be satisfied with that answer and understandably so. A Texas-based tactical firearms shop owner offered Natural News his opinion on what was taking place during the Obama years. “Honestly, I think the federal government is using different agencies to stockpile these weapons,” said  Jeremy Alcede, founder and CEO of Tactical Firearms. “I can’t imagine why the USDA would need submachine guns to enforce agricultural regulations. Are they planning for a mad cow disease rampage of some kind?”

     Big government itself has become a potentially terrorist organisation, and needs to be put back in its kennel.



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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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