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Trick Question: Which is The Most Toxic: Fukushima Reactor No. 2 or the Cultural Elite by Paul Walker

As reported by Natural radiation levels inside Fukushima’s Reactor No. 2 have surged from 73 Sieverts an hour to 530 Sieverts an hour. A single dose of 10 Sieverts of radiation could kill a person in weeks.

The region is so toxic that special remote controlled robots used to explore the radioactive depths have shutdown. Another remote controlled robot will not be used which may last for two hours.

Melting radioactive fuel has melted a one-square metre hole beneath the reactor’s pressure vessel, indicating that a nuclear meltdown did occur, despite Japanese denials, in March 2011. A complete reduction of the radiation is expected to take hundreds of thousands of years – meaning, never.

Also from Natural News:, Mike Adams has put together a satanical piece showing the Satanic imagery used by rock icons at various halftime performances at the US super bowl. There is Madonna’s “Mark of the Beast” dancing stage, the use of Satanic and Illuminati symbolism by her and other “stars” such as Beyonce (my son calls her “Bounce”), Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Christians, and indeed all decent folk need to have a look at the photographs at the Natural site and then do some Googling to see what culturally radioactive poisons are being pumped into the minds of the young. Pizzagate is therefore not a surprise.

As a footnote, we have “rapper” black “Big Sean” now rapping about murdering President Donald Trump with an ice-pick:

He is probably not that stupid, because US Secret Service agents would certainly be able to disarm him without having to shoot him. But it is not about an explicit killing, but rather fanning the flames of hate against traditional society.

The cultural pollution, which now totally surrounds and engulfs us, is more deadly than even the Fukushima radiation.



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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