Transgender Champions Show the Way! By Mrs Vera West

     It looks like women’s sport is over as far as records go, and what a great thing that is! Well, not really, because the concept of a “woman” has now been redefined in the postmodern transgender world:

“One by one, records in everything from the 100 meter dash to the long jump to the pole vault are being broken at female track meets all around the world. But in many cases, it isn’t real females who are doing all of this “winning.” It’s biological males pretending to be “females” who are actually stealing much of the athletic glory in women’s sports these days, including in Connecticut recently where a high school boy claiming to be a “girl” broke two State Open records, one in the 100 meter dash and the other in the 200 meter dash. Terry Miller was born with a penis, but he now claims to be a girl and self-identifies as a “transgender.” This gave him politically correct access to the girls’ track team, of course, where “she” now races alongside actual females who, because of their natural biology, aren’t as muscular or athletically adept as “she” is.

It’s all very confusing, especially when trying to use the “correct” pronouns to describe this mutant individual in an article such as this. But suffice it to say that boys can now simply claim to be girls and essentially “win” at anything they want. Biological females pretending to be “males” are similarly cheating at high school sports. We saw this with Mack Beggs, a self-identified transgender wrestler from Texas who recently beat out all of her female opponents with the help of artificial testosterone and other “transition” therapies that made “her” bigger and stronger than the other normal girls.”

     This is all simply the working through of the “logic” of the politically correct postmodern society. The athletes complaining about losing out on scholarships and having their athletic careers wrecked … well, where were you when all of this was getting into gear? Don’t cry now, because the game is just beginning. When robots compete in sporting events, and crush all human competition, no-one will be able to complain, because that will be species chauvinism! Meanwhile, back at the pool:

Collapsing Campuses By James Reed
AI: Demon Possessed Machines By Brian Simpson


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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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