Toxic Femininity: Sisters are Doing it For Themselves By Mrs Vera West

     First, listen to this song which celebrates the feminist revolution:

     Now consider the real world:

“The rise of 'toxic femininity': Author reveals female colleagues tricked her into making mistakes so she wouldn't be promoted and told her everyone hated her - and insists other women create the REAL glass ceiling
•    Naomi Joy, 30, of London, experienced toxic female rivalry in PR and marketing
•    Rivals have tried to push her out of her job and compete with her outside of work
•    Was tricked into making mistakes so colleague would win promotion over her
•    Quit job to pen psychological thriller The Liars which is based on her experience.”

     Nothing new here; this has been known for a long time. An example is the venom that was unleashed against a young woman expressing a desire to be a stay-at-home mum:

     Things have been left go for so many decades that the foundations of traditional society, that conservatives, especially Christians think is in place, are simply not. There’re has been a complete decomposition and restructuring of the entire world since the 1960s and the extent of damage is beyond the conservative’s narrow level of appreciation. They need to get out on the street late at night and see what is really going down. They would certainly be surprised.



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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