Total War!!!! By Chris Knight and Charles Taylor

Now this is more like it, as Donald Trump Junior, who always had more guts than his old man, tweeted, before they deleted it we think (can’t find it): “ "The best thing for America’s future is for @realDonaldTrump to go to total war over this election to expose all of the fraud, cheating, dead/no longer in state voters" ... 

We will spare you the mainstream sewage media outrage, which across the world went along the lines of this being an attack on American “democracy.” Well if what we have covered this week is “democracy” then it is evil and needs to die.  The point is that there is no democracy with electoral fraud. How can Joe Biden get the most popular votes in US history, even proportionately more than Obama? A senile old fool, probably criminal, achieving this is insane. The elites are so arrogant, having control of the media, that they think that they can do anything, and they can it seems. They can make it so that white is black, and the sky is purple with pink poker dots.

We are delighted to see the prospect of a Trump “total war,” one that goes far beyond the Supreme Court, but which is non-violent and employs fully legal means of protests, unlike antifa. Of course, the Supreme Court action will fail; what’s the bet that they will not even hear it, as his so called conservative judges show their true colours? Just as BLM protesters shook the system, Trump supporters, all 70 million of them, could lawfully, and non-violently, bring the entire economy to a halt, which is what antifa is going to do using violence! Trumpers, after all, are the productive ones, and it is time to deliver a vote of no confidence to the system. This needs to be now before the Supreme Court hearings, just as these system supporters know that America’s economy is going to be made unworkable, legally, and completely non-violently.  Start with a mass strike, tomorrow.

Oh, and with our enemies lobbying to eliminate any resistance movement, try and get alternative means of communication up that cannot be wiped out by the Big Tech Dark Lords. Can there be a bit of thinking for once, please? How about the Trumps set up a website instead of stupid tweets? How long does it take for them to learn? The system is destroying them, and this is only the start. Biden will never be convicted for his crimes, which are now buried, but Donald Trump is heading to prison, for being elected in 2016, and maybe the entire family just for having the name Trump, except Jared, who has some other name, difficult to pronounce, so he is safe. Any way, he is a Democrat!





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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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