Toss a Coin, or Roll a Dice and Choose your Gender By Mrs Vera West

     Same sex marriage Australia is exceeding the wildest expectations of the elites, showing the world that gender, like everything else, with the one exception of white racism, the greatest evil in the multiverse, is a full-on social construction:

“Victoria has become the fifth state to allow transgender and gender diverse people to change their sex on their birth certificate. The birth certificate bill passed 26-14 in the Victorian Upper House on Tuesday night, meaning it will officially become law once it receives the royal assent. Under the new laws, transgender people will have the freedom to have their legal documents reflect the sex they identify with socially even prior to undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Children will also be able to self-nominate to change their gender or select a non-binary descriptor of their choice with permission from their parents. A statement from a psychologist or doctor will also need to accompany the submission for a minor, The Age reported. 'Interstate and international evidence shows that whilst not a large number of people take up the these options it's simply is an option that's there to people,' Equality Minister Martin Foley told 3AWon Wednesday. 'It’s the choice to make sure that identity documents reflect the reality of the life that people live.' Victoria joins Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and the ACT in passing the laws. In April Tasmania was the first state to make the inclusion on birth certificates. Gender diversity activists took to social media to celebrate the success, which marks a significant win in the fight for transgender equality in Australia.”

     But why should even parent’s permission be allowed? Surely what we need are three-year olds, marching up to Births, Deaths and Marriages, and changing their gender. Maybe everybody, in a kind of musical chairs. Why not? John Steele is still keen to change his gender identity from he-man to just plain old “gun.” He identifies as a gun, and who is to say that he cannot?



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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