Top Fears of the Millennials By Mrs Vera West

     While I attack the baby boomer generation a lot for letting the world down, the millennials look like surpassing even them in the decline and fall stakes:

     Here are there top fears:
1.    “Having to wait in the house all day for a delivery because the delivery man did not specifically say what time he would arrive.
2.    Forgetting log-in passwords.
3.    Leaving your phone at home.
4.    No free WiFi at the hotel.
5.    The buffering sign when you are streaming something online.
6.    Standing in public transport.
7.    Running for the bus/train only to have the doors close on your face.
8.    Forgetting your umbrella and then finding out it’s raining.
9.    Having to get out of bed to turn off the lights.
10.    Finding an empty bottle in the fridge that was put there by a lazy roommate.
11.    Being unable to find the TV remote just as your favorite show is starting.
12.    Being “seen-zoned”: when a friend sees your message but doesn’t bother to reply.
13.    Having to put on pants just to open the door.
14.    When an avocado isn’t ripe enough.
15.    Not having enough hangers that you reach the point where you pile your clothes on one hanger.
16.    Running out of toilet paper.
17.    When restaurant crew people don’t bring condiments with your food and you have to ask them for some.
18.    Your laptop is low on battery but your charger is in another room.
19.    Realizing the milk has run out after boiling the kettle.
20.    Sat Nav re-routing.”

     Most of these points relate to a complete dependency upon the existing technologies and economies of their society, with little or no self-reliance. This should all be viewed next to real world events, such as the report that the North Korean government is attempting to hack into American electric companies, preparing for a future cyber-attack:

     If the North Koreans did manage to bring the grid down, apart from obvious physical harm from things like lack of drinking water and working toilets, we may see millennials simply go mad, when their electronic devices go black.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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