Too Many White Fire Fighters? Just Let it Burn! By Charles Taylor

     Her we have a good example of how out of touch the chattering class are with reality, as a professor laments that there are too many white firefighters:

“A UCLA professor argued in a recent article for the Harvard Business Review that too many Americans firefighters are white. Professor Corinne Bendensky of UCLA penned a column for the Harvard Business Reviewentitled “Making U.S. Fire Departments More Diverse and Inclusive.” The column argues white men exercise a “dominance” over the fire service. “Picture a typical firefighter,” Bendensky poses. “Who comes to mind? If you imagined a white man, that’s understandable: 96% of U.S. career firefighters are men, and 82% are white. This homogeneity is striking, especially when you compare it to the U.S. military, which is 85% men and 60% white, and local police forces, which are 88% men and 73% white.”

     The answer is simple; rather than go through schemes to bring more minorities to a job where one can burn to death, simply cut back on all fire fighters. Sure, the country will burn down, but it will be a non-discriminatory toasting, and that is all that matters at this late stage of decay. Firefighters in the meantime may get so frustrated by these sorts of criticisms, that when fires break out at universities, under stress, they may not be able to locate the university, frantically driving around in circles, while all that socially constructed knowledge knowledge, burns.



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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