Told You So! After Toilet Paranoia: What? (Peak Panic!) By John Steele

     As an old school survivalist, I have been warning about the sort of social chaos we see now emerging from the coronavirus pandemic for a long time. I by no means see the virus as a “zombie apocalypse” just yet, but it is nothing to sneeze at, a joke I have been waiting to use. You see, if sensible measures are taken, even older, frailer people need not panic or be in fear. In general, while the mainstream media have on the one hand fuelled panic through sensationalising the great toilet paper shortage, and actually sub-consciously creating more fear, generally government responses across the world have been good, and sensible. Most governments, even Sweden recommend having a food and water stockpile to last a few weeks. This will take the pressure of emergency services if a major social breakdown occurs. People can easily do this without panic buying, by just getting a few extra items each shop, so there will be plenty for everybody. This should have been done years ago, but, there is no time like the present. Also, Brian Simpson is in the city working away on this issue, getting a corral of items for readers, including survivalist material, as my internet out here in the bush is, well, non-existent. Bugs will not find me out here, being literary and literally now bugged out in a quick made underground bio-shelter.

     Good luck to everybody. Just beware that if the SHTF does occur, there is likely to be government tyranny, plus roaming gangs of desperate people frantically searching for rolls of toilet paper. Me, I do it the Asian way. One has to be careful though about not getting bushes with too many thorns in them! If I was an internet guru like my bro Mike Adams, I would be chuckling too, because he certainly told us so:

     Mike is working even harder than Brian Simpson. No rest for the uninfected! And, as the case of Russia shows, which has zero coronavirus deaths, closing borders works, for Russia was ahead of the curve, closing up shop in January 2020:

     Russia like Israel have their act together in predicting the future! Wow, a vaccine in three weeks, how lucky is that? Keep up the good work!



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Saturday, 08 August 2020
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