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Today, There is Not Even a "Brisbane Line" By James Reed

     There is a lot in the papers recently about what a great bloke and leader Bob Menzies was: “Menzies Taught Us to Strive and Never Yield”: The Australian , May 22, 2017, p. 12.

     Now wait a minute! This is the same Bob Menzies called “pig iron bob,’ who gladly sold Australian steel to the imperial Japanese, who then used it to make weapons to be fired back at Aussies? See: If you research this on the net, you will see trade unionist sites and also old, not new Left sites, which in those days supported Aussie workers, as advancing the pig iron bob criticism. You will also find academics poo-pooing this, saying that it is an urban myth, just like the “Brisbane line,” Bob’s alleged plan to abandon all of Australia above a hypothetical line going through Brisbane.

     However, recent research indicates that the Brisbane line is no myth: The Australian, May 18, 2017, p. 3. Sue Rosen has recently discovered Forestry Commission files held in the State Records centre in western Sydney, which show that there was indeed a Menzies’ government “scorched earth” policy to abandon much of Australia to the Japanese invaders, while protecting the southeastern parts of Australia, where the pollies were. See Sue Rosen, Scorched Earth,;

     Today, such policies are no longer necessary because the elites under their Asianisation programme have already surrendered Australia, and indeed have completely transformed it, so that no invasion will ever be necessary. Menzies was at the very beginnings of this process, so he should not be seen as any sort of hero to our people.

     This is all very relevant today because now even the mainstream media is concerned that the West is sleepwalking into world War III.  Admiral Chris Barrie describes the West’s response in such terms and says that the countdown to World War III has already begun and that Australia is not ready: The Australian, May 22, 2017, p. 1. He sees the same signs present now as were present in the lead-up to World War I, including resource crisis issues, tensions in Asia and super power conflict. The Australian, May 22, 2017, p. 11, has an article “Treacherous Currents,” discussing this.  However, we have been fortunate to receive a briefing which fell off of the back of a cruise missile, from one of  the Dark Lords of Mordor Saruman Morgoth, which makes chilling reading.

World War IV Update: A Special  Report for the New World Order
By Saruman Morgoth
     Things are going swimmingly well in preparation for World War IV, the final war which will eliminate the human race from the face of the Earth, allowing we Orcs and Dark Lords to rule this planet once more in radioactive bliss.  I say “World War IV,” as all the other wars since World War II deserve respect from all of us enemies of human kind for their exquisite death tolls.  Also, we particularly love the number four, while our Christian foes worship the number three for some reason we Lords of the Darkest Nights have not yet uncovered.

     War is coming! Even their military leaders are now saying this!  It took them long enough to get a glimpse of our master plan, didn’t it!  And, just look at how well our puppet North Korea has developed the technology that our Orc agents have given them, such as 300-400 attack drones which can be armed with lethal biological and chemical agents, capable of hitting Seoul in under an hour: There will be many dead “souls” in Seoul!  It is a joke, O Dark Lords, we need to be merry once more.

     The weak and cowardly West should not just be worrying about long-range nuclear-armed missiles – North Korea has medium range missiles already capable of reaching Japan, another of our enemies, for as you my Dark Lords well know, we hate homogeneous societies and seek to bring them all to their knees!

     And, of course, nuclear-armed missiles for our North Korean servants will be inevitable:
Fire one, and all will inevitably be fired!

     “The age of men is over. The time of the Orc has come.”

[Editor: the text from this point on has been scorched, and is unreadable,  probably from the fires of jet engines, or Hell.  DON’T LET IT END THIS WAY!] 



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Monday, 03 August 2020
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