Today’s US Electoral Fraud News By Charles Taylor

No need for a comment now, this stuff piles up by the hour, there is so much of it, the Democrats must have spent all of their Satanic X-mas shopping money getting this racket up and running:

“Poll workers in Wisconsin - a state Joe Biden won by just over 20,000 votes - illegally filled out witness information on thousands of otherwise-invalid mail-in ballots from across the state, according to to WISN, citing multiple sources to the "Dan O'Donnell Show."

Absentee ballots are required to be signed by a witness, who must also list their address - or the ballot is considered invalid.

According to the report, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) told poll workers to 'add a missing witness address' to a ballot - while some poll workers allegedly took it one step further by signing for non-existent witnesses. In doing so, the workers may have invalidated thousands of ballots.

County and municipal clerks and poll workers across Wisconsin may have unlawfully altered witness statements on thousands of mail-in ballots across the state, "The Dan O'Donnell Show" has learned.

Wisconsin Statute 6.86 provides that an absentee ballot must be signed by a witness, who is also required to list his or her address. If a witness address is not listed, then the ballot is considered invalid and must be returned to the voter to have the witness correct.

Instead, multiple sources tell "The Dan O'Donnell Show," municipal clerks and vote counters across the state simply filled out witness signatures themselves. Acting on false and unlawful advice from the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), these clerks may have inadvertently invalidated thousands of absentee votes. -WISN

"The statute is very, very clear," said retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman - who served as a Milwaukee poll watcher on Election Day. "If an absentee ballot does not have a witness address on it, it's not valid. That ballot is not valid."

"In defiance of and direct contradiction to the statute, the Wisconsin Elections Commission gave guidance--that is, cover--to all 72 county clerks and turned the statute on his head," Gableman added. "They said, 'Gee, we know the law says an absentee ballot without the witness address is not valid, but county clerk, you have a duty to go ahead and look up on your own the witness' address if there's no address on the absentee ballot."

According to the report, the WEC informed voters that "your witness must sign and provide their full address (street number, street name, city) in the Certification of Witness section," adding "if any of the required information above is missing, your ballot will not be counted."

On October 19, the WEC instructed clerks to 'simply fill in the witness address themselves so that the ballot would not be invalidated.'

"Please note that the clerk should attempt to resolve any missing witness address information prior to Election Day if possible, and this can be done through reliable information (personal knowledge, voter registration information, through a phone call with the voter or witness)," wrote the WEC, adding "The witness does not need to appear to add a missing address."


Will this electoral crime lead to jail sentences? No, under the Democrat regime, like all communist ones, anything done to help the Party, is not a crime. Too much voter fraud for even me to cover; it will take another four years just to document all this, and you can be sure that the Satanic ones are now covering up the tracks of their foul deeds.

“Let me just give you one concrete example, not anecdotal, but concrete example of what we believe to be valid voted fraud in the State of Pennsylvania,” Trump campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski said during Saturday’s press conference. “I draw you to the attention of an obituary listed for Denise [inaudible] of Allegheny County. Born 9/10/1946, deceased 10/22/2020. Her application to vote was received on 10/23, the day after she died. It was then mailed by the county back to her on 10/24/2022, two days after she had legally passed away and then the ballot was received back at the county office on November 2nd, 2020 and when you go to the Secretary of State’s website today, it says that she voted in this election, effective November 2nd 2020, a full nine days after … passed away.”

“Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on the U.S. presidential election, the results of which have not been announced yet. "The bastion of democracy... Look at what's going on with this election. It is a shame, a mockery of the democracy," the Belarusian leader told the media after visiting the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Ostrovets on 7 November, BelTA has learned.

The head of state was asked how the international organizations, which watch the Belarusian elections very closely, will react to the situation with the US elections. “How will they react? Observers stand behind the wall and try to see something through windows. They paste window with cardboard, while the police stand by. In some states these observers are thrown out for making a step to the left or to the right. This is all we can say about observers' work there. In our country they stand leaning over the table watching vote count and criticize us afterwards,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state noted that he is looking forward how Western countries and the OSCE will react and whether they will demand that the U.S. hold a new election, as they demand Belarus do it. “Let's see how the OSCE will react to this, and let's wait and see the German parliament, as I said yesterday, demand a re-election in the United States. Today we see that the re-election is warranted based on all kinds of irregularities, even domestic legislation violations," the president stressed. “It is very interesting to see how the Germans, French, these super democratic countries, and Anglo-Saxons and others will demand re-election.”

“I can say this already now: they will do nothing, they will be afraid to do anything,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“But this is a shame, humiliation of Americans they could not have imagined,” the Belarusian leader said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that Belarus is blamed for non-compliance of its presidential election with some international generally accepted democratic standards at a time when there are no such international standards. “Belarus and Russia proposed to develop these international standards at the OSCE so that they would be applied in respect of all OSCE member states. They rejected it then and today they are demanding such things from us,” he explained.

The president said that the situation with the election in the United States gives an opportunity to compare things: “Our protesters and others will see this. They will have something to compare with.”


Hey Andrew, if you really do stop off here, and if you still think that here is no evidence of electoral fraud, only irregularities, have a squiz at this steaming hot stuff:

The big question here is how Trump could have let this all happen.  

“If you are ok with Facebook and Twitter fact checking posts, then you should have no problem with the United States of America fact checking votes.” Internet meme.

Reporting on voting fraud, is exhausting Mr Bond (Skyfall 2012).




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