Today's Top Welcome to the Land of Blah! By Richard Miller

     Here is an informative video about how the media, the intellectuals, and the system components in general all work together for social control in favour of New World Order regime. The video deals with many of the themes discussed at our site, in summary form, so it is a good one to recommend to new normies to bring them up to speed. All the myths of multiculturalism and diversity, largely from a UK perspective, are kicked over, much like one would kick over poisonous mushrooms.

     And, some more background material:

     For all its faults, isn’t China preferable to the multicult/multiracial diversity mess of the West, given that we will soon have Chinese surveillance anyway, plus all of the rest? No?

     Certainly, the Chinese would not allow their children to be "passed around like a piece of meat" while being sold for sex with men, which is common now in the UK, and much of Europe:



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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