To Hell with the Economy! Go Ahead, Shut Me Out! (Am Already Out!) By John Steele

Bull Hansen has produced some interesting, thoughtful videos on survivalism and the Covid tyranny. In his recent vid. he deals with the real issue of how the Covid communist state, as seen in Australia and other places like Italy and France, is squeezing the unvaccinated out of mainstream society. While, like us, he suggests pushing back against this, as people are, there should be a Plan B, to live off grid as much as possible. That may be difficult for city people living in high rise Covid-enriched ghettos, so all the more reason to move beyond that. Maybe there is some better life in country and regional Australia, especially if one has a trade. It may be possible, indeed necessary, to build alternative communities and local economies, outside of the mainstream.

There is a wealth of literature on the back to the land movement from the 1960s, one of the only good parts of the Left. They had their reasons for this that we do not accept, but still, there are things that can be borrowed, from bartering to permaculture. This form of radical decentralisation, is consistent with basic social credit principles of individual liberty, and the flourishing of freedom. I will cover practical off grid living in articles to come at this blog.

Here is what the mainstream pushes out, daily:

  • “Thousands have been commenting online, and writing to MoS all week
  • The overwhelming verdict: 'We support vaccine passports too!' - with one email simply reading, 'Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!'
  • Unvaccinated people are more likely to be infected with Covid, even if they don't have symptoms. That means they are more likely to pass it on
  • Vaccination isn't perfect, and double-jabbed people who are at higher risk are still falling ill and dying of Covid.”

  • “Fed-up business owners say they have mixed feelings on vaccination mandate
  • Many don't want to turn away much-needed business but will have no choice 
  • Customers and patrons will be required to check in with a vaccine passport 
  • Businesses will be hit with heavy fines if they let un-vaccinated through doors.”

It did not take long for the façade of liberal democracy to fall from Australia’s face, and its true political nature to surface. Time to begin rebuilding outside its crumbling ruins.




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Wednesday, 29 September 2021
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