Time to Abandon South Africa By Peter Ewer

     South Africa, it has been said, is the future of the West, given its present cosmopolitan path:
  There are preparations being made for evacuation once the present anarchy spills over into civil war.

     Yet, it is avoidable. Whites need to abandon the place totally, even if it means losing everything. It should have been done in the early 1990s. Walk away with the clothes on their back and their faith in Jesus. The West may not want to take Whites, but Russia may be open to taking enterprising people who could rebuild from scratch. They may be even able to get their own ethnostate going under Russian nuclear protection from the multicult madness of the West.

     The alternative now is grim:

     Perhaps the Chinese would be more to South African black’s taste? Sadly, even Chinese businesses are worried about security and leaving:

     South Africa’s Blacks want to be left on their own, so they should be. Let them have the place, as a final act of “decolonisation”:

     Probably, down the track, the same sort of decision will have to be made by Whites in Australia and the United States, the latter of which seems to already be in a one-sided race war:

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