Time is Racist! By James Reed

I have been reporting on absurdities erupting from the universities, much like the Left suppose that gas erupts from cows. Today’s madness takes a metaphysical turn, and relates to the nature of time, where Western conceptions are viewed as racist by the woke crowd. Time viewed purely as a social construction means that Leftist students, the little dears, will not be subject, in the particular Leftist classes, to time constrains, such as deadlines for handing up work. Why bother handing it up at all? Good communists should just hand out grades like Biden handed out weapons to the Taliban.


“Faculty and graduate students at Colorado University – Boulder were recently encouraged to reject “neoliberal” concepts of time, as well as to avoid "cultural norms of white supremacy" like “sense of urgency" and "individualism" in their classrooms.

The university’s Equitable Teaching Conference, hosted by the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, convened instructors and graduate students for virtual sessions on how to use “equity-minded practices” in the classroom. Attendance at the conference was entirely voluntary; faculty and instructors were not required to participate. 

Presentation slides obtained by Campus Reform reveal details of a session titled “Anti-racist pedagogy and decolonizing the classroom,” taught by Dr. Becca Ciancanelli. One of the slides lists "perfectionism," "sense of urgency," "quantity over quality," and "individualism" as “Cultural norms of White Supremacy.” 

Another tells instructors they should be “Decolonizing the classroom” by changing the way they approach the concept of time. The slide tells participants to “resist colonial and neoliberal coercion around time and productivity” by using flexible deadlines, allowing students to choose their own deadlines, or not penalizing late work. Attendees were advised to “help students become conscious of the colonial morality around the use of time (worth=productivity).” This idea is credited to Professor Sam Bullington, who teaches in the Community Studies Program within the school of education. 

Ciancarelli’s presentation credits Bullington for several other cited methods of decolonization, including “incorporate[ing] connecting with the earth into assignments and classroom activities, and “help[ing] students recognize their complicity in promoting human exceptionalism/human superiority.” 

Several of the suggestions for decolonizing relate to academic standards. “Critique the (white western masculine) disembodied rationality focus of the educational system,” one item reads. Another says “question the need for mastery, certainty and perfection.” 

Other sessions at the conference included “Crafting a Social Justice Syllabus” and “Empowering Microaggression Reporting with your Syllabus.” A representative from CU Boulder tells Campus Reform that no presentation slides were used or recordings made of these sessions.”

Ok, I thought it would be hard to top that one, then I saw that there is even a woke attack on the use of capital letters. Yes, this is what happens when academics have too much time on their hands.  


“An official at Mount Royal University announced last week that her department will no longer use capitalized letters in any of its publications. 

Associate Vice President of Indigenization and Decolonization Linda Many Guns wrote in a statement, “we join leaders like e. e. cummings, bell hooks, and peter kulchyski, who reject the symbols of hierarchy wherever they are found and do not use capital letters except to acknowledge the Indigenous struggle for recognition.”

The statement continued, “we resist acknowledging the power structures that oppress and join the movement that does not capitalize. the office of indigenization and decolonization supports acts that focus on inclusion and support the right of all people to positive inclusion and change.”

Many Guns spoke with Campus Reform about her rationale. 

“when [sic] we capitalize England, Canada, Provincial governments, those are the entities that have tried to erase us, this is colonial thinking and practice and we remove our recognition of their power through removal of capitalization, to a state of equality to bring awareness and recognition of the colonial force that has animated and shaped canadian [sic] societie's [sic] minds," Many Guns said. 

"it [sic] is to startle to bring awareness to the things we take for granted without thinking,” she continued continued. “we [sic] need to be more aware of how we unconsciously follow social norms and question them."

Wyatt Claypool, president of the MRU Campus Conservatives Club, said that the move was “deliberately divisive.” 

“Many Guns is playing identity politics and implying the institution she works for is racist," Claypool said. "I can guarantee adopting the practices of a radical feminist like Bell Hooks is not the solution to the perceived problem.”

“Mount Royal University is committed to indigenization and decolonization, and to the Calls to Action contained in the final report of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” a spokesperson for the university told Campus Reform. “We fully support dr. linda manyguns [sic] and the office of indigenization and decolonization as they embark on this important work on our campus and beyond.”

Wow, how is that for a name, “Many Guns,” it must make other Leftists a bit uneasy, given that it does not take much to trigger them, even mention of the word “guns,” let alone, “Many.” But, having many guns is an excellent idea.



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Wednesday, 29 September 2021
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