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Time for a Birds and Bees Talk by Trump By Chris Knight

     The US Democrats are pushing ahead with the proposed impeachment of President Donald Trump, just because they can. It does not matter about truth and justice, this is politics, and even during the 2016 election, they were speculating about how to sink Trump if he got elected. These are the sort of abominations we are dealing with here:

“Nevertheless, incredibly, the Democrats have gone on to an impeachment investigation against Trump anyway, albeit on an entirely unrelated charge. The reason for this, as I predicted at the 2017 American Renaissance conference: because they can. Impeachment, in the end, is like a vote of No Confidence in a Parliamentary system. The Democrats have the majority in the House. So they will impeach. In fact, they were discussing impeachment before Trump was even nominated.[Donald Trump Impeachment: How Quickly Could It Happen?, by Darren Samuelsohn, POLITICO Magazine, April 17, 2016] It’s not a question of whether some “crime” has been committed. Bill Clinton clearly perjured himself (which is why his Arkansas law license was quietly suspended). But Senate Democrats did not vote to convict him— because impeachment is a political determination. Right now, the Democrats and their Main Stream Media auxiliaries, like the Big Bad Wolf, are huffing and puffing in attempt to blow America’s house down—to break the nerve of the Congressional GOP and even the White House, as they did during Watergate.

But we went through all of this nonsense about BOMBSHELLS! And WALLS CLOSING IN! during the Mueller hysteria. And it all came to nothing. There’s simply no point in following it. The underlying issue: America is polarizing, ultimately because of massive non-traditional immigration, into two separate nations: America and Anti-America. The Democrat and Republican bases simply have nothing in common. The Democrats’ temper tantrum after the 2016 election makes it clear they simply will not accept being outvoted by the Historic American Nation. Whether the Historic American Nation can be intimidated into accepting this remains to be seem. But in any case, go to sleep until the Senate trial begins. Then, as Pat Buchanan once said with his usual prescience, lock and load.”

     Surely, he with the long grey hair, Pete Brimelow, only means that as a running metaphor, otherwise we Australians, being caged chooks, might get a wee bit scared. Well, certainly little old pacifist me, scared of my own shadow, and anything making a loud noise.

     There comes a time when a man must stop eating junk food for a moment, put down his golf clubs, already stained with chicken fat and grease, and talk, to save himself and his reputation. Doing it by a fire is good, before one is set on fire. For Trump, that time has come, the moment of truth:

“A defiant President Trump signaled he will not cooperate with the Democratic Party's impeachment proceedings, insisting his telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was "a good call" and that he might read it aloud to Americans so they can see his point. “This is over a phone call that is a good call,” Trump, sitting behind the Resolute Desk, said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. "At some point, I’m going to sit down, perhaps as a fireside chat on live television, and I will read the transcript of the call, because people have to hear it. When you read it, it’s a straight call.” Trump spoke at a key moment in his presidency, with the Democrats preparing for a new, public phase in their effort to impeach Trump. Hours earlier, a bitterly divided House of Representatives had endorsed the impeachment inquiry, setting out rules for a process that is almost certain to overshadow much of the 2020 election. But even after the vote, the president said he had no intention of taking part in the proceedings. Asked whether he would cooperate with the impeachment proceedings by honoring document requests and subpoenas, Trump responded: “You are setting a terrible precedent for other presidents,” he said.’

     It is like watching one of those movies where the bad guys beat up the hero so much that you wonder how he will make a comeback, get back his steam, turn it on and beat the baddies to a pulp. Well, this is no movie, and Trump is like a big plump punching bag, a junk food fed target for the progressives to vent their manic rage upon. Then, once they have full power, they destroy everything. They will do this because their Leftoid minds are wired to do this, just like mosquitoes suck blood, tigers eat people and rocks when dropped from a height, fall on your head, and smash out your mind.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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